I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


14. Arriving in Kentucky


The plane ride wasn't long, but wasn't short, either. I woke up to Peeta poking my face. I look at him and he has the cheesiest smile ever right now. "Babe, is there a reason why you woke me up?" I ask with grogginess laced in my voice. He shakes his head with a child-like expression on his face. Man, he's adorable when he does that. "Well, actually, yes. We landed, so let's go." He says, motioning for me to get up. I grab my carry-on and I get off the plane. Finn, Ann, Jo, Peeta and I get our suitcases and Finn calls Mark so he can give me my car. A few minutes later, Finn gives me my car keys. We go to get my car and I immediately pop the trunk open so we can put our shit in there. I get into the driver's seat, Peeta in the passenger, and Jo, Finn, and Ann in the back. I make my way to my parents' neighborhood and quickly find the house. I park and before anyone moves I put my finger close to my mouth, telling them to stay quiet. We quietly get out of the car, slowly walk up the porch steps and I look into the window. No one suspects a thing, good. I ever so quietly turn the knob and walk in, motioning Peeta, Jo, Ann and Finn to come in. My family is in the living room talking. I called my mom before hand and told her that we might come a day or two late, which was a lie, because we actually came a day early. My sister, Prim, asks my mom a pretty good question. "Mom, is Kat really coming?" She asks. Before my mom can answer, I step into the living room. "Does this answer your question, Prim?" I ask. Her eyes, along with both my mom and dad, bulge. "KAT!!!" Prim squeals, running towards me. "PRIM!!!" I mimick her tone. She comes running into my arms and I squeeze her tight. After she lets go, she goes to hug the rest of the group. Mom comes up to me. "I thought you said you'd be a day or two late." She says. I give her a cheeky smile. "Well that was a lie 'cause I wanted to surprise you guys, like we just did a moment ago." I tell her. She smiles and pulls me into a bone-crushing hug. She pulls back and heads for the others, while I head for my dad. "DADDY!!!" I say while running towards him. He envelopes me in a big hug. After all the hugging has been done, we all sit in the living room. "So how was the flight?" Mom speaks up. Before I can answer, Finn speaks up. "Well the flight, itself was great, you know. The ride there was...just...unbearable." He says. Mom sends Finn a questioning look. "Kitty overt here-" he says pointing to me. "Drives like a maniac and could've killed us" he finishes. Both, mom and dad, send me shocked looks. I put my hands up in mock surrender. "Hey, if I can stop the car before damage is done, then I can drive however I want" I say. Both my parents shake their heads, while Prim stands to give me a high-five. Time passes, and mom shows us our rooms. Peeta and I get my old room, Finn and Ann get one if the guest rooms, and Jo gets the other guest room. As soon as I get to my old room, memories come flooding back. I crash down on the bed. I hear Peeta chuckle behind me. I look over and see Peeta laughing now. I stand and put my hands on my hip. "What's so funny?" I ask, smirking. Peeta shakes his head, still smiling. I walk over and get all up in his face. "Not gonna tell me, huh?" I say. He leans in, I back up slightly. He pouts. "Fine, I was laughing at how you flopped onto your bed" he admits. "How is flopping onto a bed funny?" I ask, confused. Peeta explains and I end up laughing as hard as he did. I glance at the clock, it's still early, only 8:17. I change into my plaid sleep shorts and tank top. Peeta stares at me, mouth open. I chuckle and walk to the living room. Peeta follows shortly after, he's in his sweatpants and t-shirt. We sit on the couch and decide to watch a movie. After a lot of discussing, we end up watching 'Ride Along'. Half way through the movie, Prim falls asleep and I take her to her room. I come back and sit in Peeta's lap. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me in close. When the movie ends we say 'goodnight' to everyone's nod head to my room. Peeta wraps me in his embrace and we both fall into a dreamless sleep.

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