I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


12. After the Party


There's a huge pounding in my head, my vision is blurry. I blink a few times to focus and I notice I'm on the kitchen floor...in my bra and panties. What the hell? I suddenly hear voices coming from the living room. "Johanna, where Kat?" That's definitely Peeta. I don't hear a response in return. I hear Johanna groan and a thud on the floor. I assume Johanna landed on her face. "What Loverboy?" She mumbles. "Where's Katniss?" He asks again. Johanna sighs. "Check the kitchen, she passed out in there last night. Bro, she was hammered!" She says. I hear footsteps getting closer to the kitchen. "Kat? Kat hon, you ok?" Peeta asks. I groan in response. Peeta picks me up and sits me on the counter, which is freezing on my ass right now. I move my hair out of my face. "Kat, how you feeling?" Peeta asks. In response I get up and legit run to the bathroom and puke out my insides. God, hangovers are the worst. I flush and brush my teeth. I go back to the living room and see a worried expression on Peeta's face. I run into his arms. "Don't let me become a female Haymitch." I whisper. "I won't babe, it's ok" he whispers back. I nod and pull back. "Brainless, you were hammered last night!" Johanna mumbles. "Yea, I got that, Jo" I reply. She sighs and goes into the living room. "Hey Brainless, you know we recorded you, right?" Jo says from the living room. My eyes widen. "YOU WHAT?!" I scream. I run to the living room and see Jo connecting the camera to the tv. I immediately sit down and wait for the video to start. When it starts, I watch in utter horror as I scream 'turn up!' I watch in shock as I strip down to my bra and panties and head to the kitchen. I start blabbering nonsense as I take out Nutella and spoons. I start eating Nutella by the spoonful and pass out with the jar next to me. The recording stops after that. My eyes are wide in shock and horror. Johanna is cackling at my reaction and Peeta looks like he's about to laugh. I lean back against the couch and sigh. "Oh my God." I breath out. "Brainless, you just introduced a new level of drunk, called the Brainless." Jo says. I sigh again. "You gotta admit, it was kinda funny." I say. Peeta and Jo nod a little. "Well, I'm gonna get dressed, I'm gonna go buy a few things" I say and head to the room. I grab a tank top, skinny jeans, my converse. I put my hair in my signature braid. I get my purse and put my wallet, keys, phone, other essentials in there. I walk into the living room and see that Jo left and Peeta is in the kitchen. "Babe!" I shout. He comes running into the living room. "Yeah? What's up baby?" He replies. I smile a little. "I'm going to Walmart, do you need anything, or do you wanna come?" I say. He chuckles before answering. "Of course I wanna come". In response I send him to the room to get dressed. Again. He comes out in dark jeans, a black v-neck, and vans. He also has a leather jacket on. God, he's hot. He must've cought me staring, because he chuckling. "Enjoying the show?" He says. I blush and smile. "I'm enjoying it very much" I say, blushing still. We head out and I get in the driver's side and Peeta call shotgun. Peeta knows I speed. That's why he doesn't like it when I drive and he's in the passenger seat. I mean, if I can drive and not hit any people and stop before damage is done, then I can drive however I want. "Kat slow down, you're 15 over!" Peeta says. I smile and laugh. "Babe, it's fine, it's not like I'm killing anyone" I reply. He sighs and turns the radio on. 'Stay With Me' by Sam Smith is playing. God I love this song. Sam Smith's voice is angelic. I start singing and immediately stop when I sense Peeta staring at me. "Kat? When you said you could sing, I never thought it'd be that good!" Peeta says. I blush and smile a little. I shrug at his comment and keep driving. "I don't sing in front of people, it's a rare occurrence that I do" I say. He start blabbing about how I should be on 'The Voice' and how I need a record label. We pull into the parking lot and walk in. I head for the produce section and walk to the veggies. Yes, I'm a veggie freak. Peeta looks at me weird when we reach the veggies. "What? Do you not like veggies or something?" I ask. Peeta shrugs and I look at him like he's an alien. "Peeta Kale Mellark!" Say in shock. "Katniss Rose Everdeen!" He mocks my tone. "Peeta, do you not eat vegetables?" I ask. He sort of shakes his head. "Oh my god Peeta you need to eat vegetables, when we get home, I'm making you a salad. No exceptions. If you don't, I'll pull the 'mom card'. I'll get your mom to make you eat it." I say. He genuinely looks scared, not of his mom, but of me. He knows that if I want something, I won't stop until I get it. I put the veggies in the little bags and place them in the cart. We head to the fruits and Peeta grabs all of our favorite fruits, bags them, and puts them in the cart. Once we're finished with the produce, we go to the frozen foods. Peeta likes to eat steak, chicken, all that good stuff. So, he grabs the juiciest steak he sees. I grab the chicken and I wander off to the ice cream. The time of the month has not been my friend and I need ice cream. I decide on 3 pints if cookie dough Ben & Jerry's. I see Peeta behind me with a smirk on his face. "What? I need this" I say pointing to the ice cream in my hand. Peeta just smiles and helps me with the ice cream. Once we're out of the frozen section, Peeta leads me to the drinks. That party has wiped us clean of any drinks we had in the fridge. Once we've finished with all the food, we just stroll around in Walmart. Me, being so crazy and fun, I decide to get a pack if sticky notes and a pen out of my purse. Peeta sends me a questioning look. In response, I hold my finger up, telling him to wait and see what I'll do. I write 'you're being watched' on the sticky and put it on a shelf. I run back and hide behind another shelf and wait for my first victim. A few moments later, a lady about a few years older than me walks up to it and reads it. She looks around, a little freaked out, then 'speed walks' away from the aisle. I laugh at my little stunt. Peeta laughs and he takes the pen and writes something on the sticky. It says 'if you wanna see hot chicks, go to the women's products'. He sticks it in the guys' shampoo section. Minutes later, there's a group of guys near the lady section. Peeta and I laugh hysterically. Once we've calmed down, we pay for our stuff and leave. When we get home, we're both exhausted, we decide to watch re-runs of 'Friends' until we both fall asleep.

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