I Found You

Katniss runs into college classmate Peeta Mellark and they start catching up. They become inseparable, will they live a happily ever after?


5. A Day to Ourselves


After the incident at IHOP, Peeta hasn't left my side. He wants to make sure I'm ok, and honestly, I love how protective he's being. We spent a few hours in my apartment and just hung out. We decided to watch 'Chrisley Knows Best'. It's a good show, and Peeta seems to like it. During the commercial break, I get up and head to the kitchen. I get 2 cans of Coke and make popcorn. I come back and hand Peeta his Coke. "Popcorn's gonna be don't in a couple minutes" I say and Peeta smiles and nods. The show come back on and I hear a beep. I groan and get up, I run to the kitchen, take the popcorn out and pour it in a bowl. I run back without spilling the popcorn and cuddle up next to Peeta. I hear me phone ring and I check the caller ID. It's Johanna. "Hey Brainless! Listen, I'm staying over at Finn and Annie's place for the day. Have fun with Loverboy." She says. I laugh at Peeta's new nickname. Peeta looks at me and gives me a questioning look. "What's so funny?" He asks. My laughs die down. "Jo just gave you a new nickname." I say and Peeta asks: "what's my nickname. If it's from Johanna then it's gotta be good" he says and I chuckle a little. "Johanna's nickname for you is 'Loverboy'" I say and wait for his reaction. He blushes and laughs. "Well, that is true since I love you so much" he says and I blush uncontrollably. He chuckles and pulls me in close. I snuggle into him and sigh. "You know Johanna called to say that she was staying over at Finn and Annie's for the day, so we have the day to ourselves." I say and his eyes light up. He smiles at me and I smile back and kiss him. He stands up and motion for me to do the same. I stand and he picks me up bridal style at he takes me to my room. "So what do you want to do today?" He asks and I think for a minute. I've always wanted to have a picnic in Central Park. I've never been to Central Park. I know, living in New York since age 18 and never been to Central Park. "How about we go to Central Park and have a small picnic." I suggest. Peeta thinks for a moment. He smiles and nods. "That sounds good, instead of cooking can we just order our food?" Peeta replies. I smile and laugh. "Yes, we might as well be lazy today" I say. He laughs and we start planning our day. We end up ordering some Pizza Hut and walking to Central Park, since it's really close. When we get there I'm astonished beyond belief. It's immeasurable. I never knew Central Park was this big. Peeta and I make our way to a shaded area under a big oak tree. I lay out the blanket and Peeta sets up our little 'feast' and we dig in. After we're done devouring our food we throw away all the empty pizza boxes and empty soda bottles. We relaxed under the tree for a while. Peeta is laying against the tree and my head is in Peeta's lap. I end up falling asleep.


One minute, Katniss and I are relaxing and taking in the view of Central Park and the next she falls asleep with her head in my lap. She's so adorable when she's asleep. She looks so peaceful and I'm lucky to have her in my life. I look up and see that it's nearing sunset. I love watching the sun go down, it intrigues me. I decide to wake Katniss up so she can see the sunset. I lightly shake Katniss' shoulder. She starts to wake up and her eyes slowly open. She looks up at me, confused. "What's going on?" She asks. "I thought you'd want to watch the sunset with me" I reply. She smiles and nods and sits up and cuddles up next to me. After a while she speaks up. "Isn't that your favorite color?" She asks, pointing to the soft orange in the sky. She looks over to me and I smile and nod. A few minutes pass and the sky starts to get darker. "We should head back before it gets too dark" she suggests. I nod and get up and help her up as well. We walk back to her place. When we stop on front of her door I speak up. "Well I should go back to my place. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you babe" I say and she gets on her toes to kiss me. "Bye baby" she says before unlocking her door. I walk away sighing in content. Today was by far one of the greatest days ever.

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