Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions


1. Mixed Emotions

I never felt so lonely, 

I never felt so sad, 

I never knew how it happened, 

But I could say it was quite bad. 


Sometimes it just hits you, 

Like a wind on a cold day, 

It chills your bones and soul, 

Like you could easily fade away. 


This monster is no person, 

It can't see or hear, 

Yet it never sleeps or stops, 

It whispers in my ear. 


It tells me I want to die, 

It tells I'm nothing at all, 

This monster deep inside, 

Makes me fall and fall. 


Depression is one word, 

Anxiety is another, 

But when your battling both, 

It's hard to tell one from the other. 


I try to ignore it so hard, 

I pray it goes away, 

But when your left with scars, 

There really seems no way. 


Here I sit and write, 

About a war inside my head, 

Maybe together we can take down the monster, 

                take back the happiness we dread. 

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