triple threat

Ariana has a deep dark secret that no one knows about she can sing dance and she used to be in modeling. what happens when music mogul Simon Cowell goes to her school the night of a campfire looking for an opening act for One Direction.


1. chapter 1

Ariana`s Pov


I was walking into school alone for the first time since i broke up with my ex-boyfriend Gabriel. He is very popular and im not so you would think he is sweet and kind last week i wouldve said the same thing. So as i get to my locker the first person i see is one of my bestfriends Alicia. She has orange-ish hair has freckels and is about my height. We start talking about our weekends and her sleepover this week. In Science we find Fatima we catch up until class starts. My other friend Manuel has a guitar that he brings everyday for theater.



At Home


Hey Ari, we need to talk about the campfire. Like for example what are we gonna wear." fatima asked

you can discuss that later with Alicia cause i already have what im wearing." "Oh kk "

so...." i asked "what are you girls going to sing"

"we decided on Piano by Ariana Grande"


after they left i took a shower shaved my legs put my pjs on and went to sleep.



At lunch


when i finished my lunch i went to change to my volleyball uniform we had a game today. While i was walking down the hall all the guys were making noises like whistiling and howling. I didnt understand cause i wasnt even pretty. no one knows this but i used to be a model and that is why i know how to fix my hair do my make up and dress nicely a Little better than the other girls.

After we won the game the drama teacher made a quick anounncement

" All students will participate for the campfire either by singing you have to participate cause we are having a special guest hes looking for an opening act for his band`s stadium tour in a few short months"Well there goes my secret that i dont want anyone to know i needed a plan but i couldnt think of anything








hay guys how did you like the first chapter. if you do like it please give me feedback favorite it spread it please so i  have some good things coming for you and everything i will update again when i have 20 reads and maybe 5 comments. If you are confused about something dont worry it will make sense as it goes on. So thank you for taking thetime to read this and everything if you need to talk or something ask for my kik in the comments and yeah thats about it

thank you again it means alot ,   


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