3,000 Miles

"I'm dreaming of a place called home..." I whispered in the darkness as the lightening lite up the sky. My heart was breaking and there was a cure for it. My life is in pieces as I sat here alone in the coldness of my apartment. "Seems like yesterday we were running around together..."


3. California.

Cassandra's POV:

 The California night sky was lite up with bright stars that made my heart pound with joy. I clung to my phone as I peered out of the car window at the things that passed by. My Grandmother allowed me to chose the music which was odd because she hated the music I listened to. When we got to her house I felt like a little kid again. I walked up to the tree that was in her front yard, when I was six I craved my name and my best friend Echo's name in it saying best friends forever. I smiled before grabbing my bag and heading inside the house. 

"Tomorrow after we visit your mother you can go visit your friends." She said as she softly yawned. 

I laid down on the couch and thought about my friends. The ones that I didn't even say goodbye to, not because I didn't want to but because I didn't have the courage to. They probably won't wanna see me now. 


Echo's POV:(The Next Morning)

 I woke up to someone pounding at my door. I cursed under my breath as I tried to make the sound go away as I held my pillow tightly against my ear. When I took my pillow away from my ear I thought the pounding was gone, but it started again causing me to groan. I put a pair of shorts on before walking to the door and answering it. When I opened it there stood Renee. I don't know why she keeps coming over, I didn't like her when Cassie was here and I don't like her now. She thinks we are friends but I would call a monkey my friend before I called her my friend. 

"What do you want?" I growled. 

"Aurora and I are going shopping, we wanted you to come with." She smiled. 

"Can't I'm hanging out with Michael today." I stated. 

"Ew why?" She made a disgusting face that made me want to punch her. 

"Because he's my friend." I snipped. 

"But he's so ew looking." 

"You're so ew looking." I rolled my eyes closing the door in her face. I heard her muttered 'how rude' under her breath as she stormed back to her shiny new car that her parents bought her for her birthday. I hated that she got anything she wanted, it made me sick. I slid down against the wall and looked over to see a picture of Cassandra and I. Back then everything was happy and perfect. Now everything was complicated. I missed her. Her mother told me that she wanted to say bye when her father stole her and took her to Washington state. She just didn't want to break down and cry. I hated that she didn't want to have any weak points. Sometimes it's okay to cry.


Cassandra's POV:

 I woke up to birds chirping and the sun beaming in through the window. I almost forgot what sunshine looked like living up in the rainy mountains. I took a shower and changed into some clean clothes before brushing my white, yes white hair. After I put my eyeliner on I headed into the kitchen to see my Grandmother sipping on her coffee looking nice like usual. 

"Ready to see you mother?" She asked. 

"As ready as I'll ever be." I smiled softly. 

We drove through town and I swear I saw Renee and Aurora shopping like they used to always do. I didn't have any problem with Aurora but I didn't like Renee. She was the one who always got what she wanted and wasn't afraid to rub it into people's faces. Plus a few times she had gotten me in trouble and I really hate snitches. When we got to my mothers I noticed that almost nothing changed about the house I grew up in. When we went inside I smelt my mother's famous chocolate chip cookies. 

"Cookies!" I squealed running into the kitchen. When my mother saw me her mouth dropped open but my mouth dropped open when I saw Drew in an apron. 

"Cassandra?" My mother pulled me into a tight hug but my eyes never left Drew. His blue eyes were locked on me. 

"I told you I'd get her." My Grandmother chuckled. 

"You mean that prick aloud it?" My mother muttered. 

"Surprisingly." I giggled. 

"What's with the white hair Cass?" Drew asked messing up my hair. 

"Brown was too boring." I smiled. 

"It looks great on you darling." My mother smiled. "How long do I get to see my daughter?"

"A few weeks." My Grandmother said as I took a cookie but Drew slapped my hand causing me to drop it back onto the plate and a frown to appear on my face.

"Meanie.." I mumbled. 

"Okay then why don't you take her to see the others then Drew." My mother smiled handing me a cookie. I smiled taking a bite of it. 

"Alright." Drew chuckled.

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