3,000 Miles

"I'm dreaming of a place called home..." I whispered in the darkness as the lightening lite up the sky. My heart was breaking and there was a cure for it. My life is in pieces as I sat here alone in the coldness of my apartment. "Seems like yesterday we were running around together..."


2. 3 Years.

Cassandra's POV:

 I stared out the window as the rain splashed against the glass. Pain set in as I thought about going back. It's been three years since I was dragged away from the city I was raised up in. A city where I fell in love and got my heart broken. A city where I found amazing friends that I'd never trade for the world. Well that was three years ago, now here I am in the mountains staring out the window being engulfed in loneliness. 

 My thoughts broke when I heard my father calling my name. I stood up off the floor and headed down the stairs towards the kitchen. I turned the corner to see him with my grandmother and his new fiance. They were laughing and having a good time while I felt trapped under my own skin living with them. 

"Yes?" I said. 

"Ah Cassie dear." My grandmother opened her arms for me. 

"Hi Grandma." I hugged her gently. 

"Your grandmother came to take you..." My father started. 

"Back to California for a few weeks." 

"What?" I gasped as my eyes widened. "R-really?" 

"Yeah I thought it'd be a nice surprise for you." She smiled. "Plus your mother wants to see you."

"Oh..?" I softly smiled. I grabbed a soda before running back up to my room. I couldn't believe it, I was about to get to go back to California for the first time in three years. I started humming along to the radio as I put clothes in a suitcase. My attention turned to a soft knock at my door. I turned my head to see my Grandma. 

"So how are you doing sweetheart?" She asked sitting down on my bed. 

"Considering I defended someone who ended up taking me away from the one place I loved? Peachy." I smiled. 

"You sure do have your mother's will." She chuckled. 

"He says that I'm even more stubborn than she ever was. Says I get it from you." I giggled. 

"No that would be your papa." She shook her head laughing. 

"When do we leave?" I asked zipping up my bag. 

"Tonight, can you wait that long?" She teased. 

"I guess I could try." I giggled. 

"That's my girl." She kissed my forehead before leaving me alone in my room that has only bought sadness over the years. I sat down on the floor and stared out the window softly smiling.

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