Jake and Ella have been in love now for two strong years. They are graduating high school this year and they've already created a play by play on how they would go to FSU together in the fall. But some unexpected things happened, that well, maybe halt that dream.


1. Making Plans

"Jake, come over! My letter from FSU came!!" Ella told Jake when she immediately dialed his number into her phone after she checked her mailbox. You see, they've been dating since sophomore year and have since shared a dream of going to FSU together the fall after their senior year. Now they're seniors. Jake had recieved his letter six days before Ella did, stating that he was accepted for the 2014-2015 year. Luckily, both had flying colors on their SATs so they both ad an equally good chance of getting in...

"I'll be over in a minute babe, just grabbing my jacket and keys." Jake quickly grabbed his Varsity Football letterman jacket and his keys to his 2005 BMW town car. 




Ella's doorbell rang. Oh that specific pattern of bells that Ella will miss when she starts to live in her small shoebox of a college dorm.

"Ella!" Jake excitedly shouts from the outside of the door.

"Jake!!" Ella shouts back as she tries to open her front door, but fails at first due to her shakey hands. Finally after two tries, she successfully opens the door.

Jake immediately runs in and they share one of their spark-filled hugs.

"I'm so nervous.." Ella admits as you can see the vulnerability in her eyes. She starts to cry, thinking of the possibility that her and Jake would have to spend months and years apart if they can't fulfill their mutual dream.

"Ella, it's ok. You got in love." Jake lightly grabs Ella and comforts her in his arms.

"What?" Ella says

"I opened the letter.. Babe, you got in" Jake replies as a big smile is forming on his face.

Ella releases herself from his arms and snatches the letter from Jake's shaking hand.

"AHHHHHHHh!!! OH MY GOD JAKE" Ella screams as she dances around the newly polished floor in her fluffy pink socks.

"ELLA!!!" he screams back as he laughs and says "What the hell." and starts jumping with her despite the fact that he looked like an idiot.

Then Ella's Pandora app suddenly starts playing a song.. 

'Ella, it's our song!" Jake says as he hears the familiar sound of the song "L.O.V.E"

"JAKE IT IS!!!" Ella screams in an ecstatic voice. 

"L IS FOR THE WAY YOU LOOK AT MEEEEE!!!" She sings off key as she tries to get the words right while she's screaming at the excitement of the dream bring fulfilled. 

"O IS FOR THE ONLY ONE I SEEEEE!!!" Jake sings off key as well as he tries to sing the right words as he's trying to id his excitement.

Suddenly Jake's phone starts to ring. It's his mother. Jake then motions to Ella to turn the tune down. 


"Hi jake. What are you up to right now?"

"I'm at Ella's. She got accepted to FSU too."

"Oh that's great.." his mother said in a meloncholy tone. 

"Mom? You don't sound very enthusiastic about that.."

"Oh honey, I am!" But Jake could tell there was something not completely right...

"I have to go, Mom, I'll see you later." 

"Wait Ja-"

Jake hangs up. 

"What's wrong?" Ella asks Jake with a worried tone in her voice.

"Oh nothing. My mom is just being.. difficult." he replies

"You seem a little tense.." Ella says as she walks closer and closer to him.

"I am.. a little." he says as he slowly watched her walk towards him.

"Maybe this will make you less tense." She says as she bites her lips and leans in to leave her lipstick stain on his slightly moisturized lips.

"That definitely helped." He says as he pulls her even closer to his warm body. He then leans in to return Ella's lipstick stain back to her lips. It soon became heated and things were taking a turn for well.. you know.. 

"Ella.. are you sure?"

"Yes." She said as she bit her lip and kissed him some more as they fell down onto Ella's duvet.

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