Jake and Ella have been in love now for two strong years. They are graduating high school this year and they've already created a play by play on how they would go to FSU together in the fall. But some unexpected things happened, that well, maybe halt that dream.


2. Jake's News...

Ella woke up the next morning, just contemplating what had happened last night. She quickly glanced down at her bedroom floor to see one of Jake's socks and JAKE??

"Jake?" Ella whispers as she wasn't that awake to use her normal voice. Jake starts to do one of those lovely morning stretches. Ella then gets a clearer look at the ground. Jake had to sleep on the cold hard floor with nothing but his old t-shirt, american apparel underwear and the one ratty sock that remained. 

"Goodmorning sleepy head." he said as he tried to open his sleepy eyes to see morning faced Ella. 

"Jake" Ella says as she pats the bed motioning for him to come up since he hasn't had any comfort for the night. Jake tries to get up but stumbles since his back is pretty stiff from the hard floor. Finally, he shakily stands up and climbs into Ella's small but comfy bed.

"The floor isn't very comfortable." he says as he closes his eyes and laughs at his own saying. Ella laugh even harder and says, "I can imagine so. Damn that ratty sock on the floor though. It's so hot Jake." She says with sarcasm. Jake laughs. "Hey, those are lucky" he says as he purses his lips and throws the sock at Ella. "EWWW JAke!" she laughs as she pick the sock out of her lap and throws it back. It surprisingly, with Ella's good aim, lands right over his nose, where he can smell the "beautiful" aroma that radiates from his sock. 

Then Jake gets up, slowly, from the floor, does a little stretch and hops into Ella's bed. Ella smiles and grabs his hand and leans in to him. "I love you Ella" Jake says as he touches his nose with hers. Ella smiles and reiterates, "I love you too Jake." Jake then turns over so his face is facing Ella's back and he slowly wraps his arm around Ella and pulls her close. They lay there, serene and calm for ten minutes and then Ella breaks the silence. "Will you stay with me forever Jake, whatever may come?" "Ella, love, of course. What could make me leave you?" "I don't know. Obviously nothing now but since we are going into college and it will be a bit different I just wanted to make sure, even though I know it in my heart, I wanted to here you say it." Jake giggles and says"Ok, Ella, ok." Ella smiles at his slight sarcasm, then almost immediately falls asleep.




*Ring ring ring* Oh the sweet sound of Jake's phone.

"Babe turn it off, Im sleepy" Ella says as she laughs and yawns at the same time.

"Huh?" he wakes up not realizing his phone is ringing, "Oh. sorry bae, I'll answer it, give me a minute." 

"Hello?" JAke says.

"Hi Jake. It's mom. where are you? you didnt come home last night..."

"Ohhh... I'm" he looks at Ella and Ella's mouths "tell her you were at Daniel's house and stayed there"

"I was at Daniel's last night and fell asleep on his couch.. " he replied

"Oh ok. We need to talk about something.."

"What is it mom?"

"Are you alone??"

"Yeah" he says, lying.

"Your dad got a job in New York in the heart of the city.. and we are both going with him.."

"Ok.. but I'm still going to FSU.. I can fend for my own mom, I'll be 18 by then."

"Yes, I know honey. Only issue is, you can't go."


"Because of the move, we won't be able to afford it.. You'll be attending school in New york.. NYU maybe if you can get in at this late of time.. and if not there then you will be going to a community college up there."

"But.. Ella and I already had plans of going to FSU together.. and we've been saving up for an apartment since sophomore year.."

"I know.. but we just can't afford all the flights, the expenses.. just everything.. Please just agree, no questions asked.."


"Are you still there Jake?"

"Yeah.. I'm just taking it all in.." 


"Can I call you back later mom?"

"ok. Bye."

"Bye mom."

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