Infinity Love

Jessica Montes is the Queen Bee of SouthCoast High. What happens when a curly haired lad walks into her life?


9. Chapter 9: Tour

*Jessica's P.O.V.*

After practice, I went over to my bed and leaned on one of the pillows and said," I'm going on Instagram! Tell me if you need anything." "Ok. I think I'm going to go on a tour around your room." he answered. I saw him walk around and I started to scroll through Instagram. I stopped at a picture that Harry posted like a minute ago. It was a photo of me and Harry at Paris Candlelight. I totally forgot we took that picture. The picture had 756 likes already and plenty of comments. Some of the comments said, 'Omg best couple ever!' and 'Y'all are so cute!' But some of them said, 'She's so hot! Why is she with him?!' and 'Harry is so gorgeous! What's with her?!' Those comments didn't affect me. I just ignored them. But I saw Aliya's comment," Harry babe when are you gonna come over bae? " NOW THAT TICKED ME!!! But then Harry commented back," Um I'm taken by the best person in the world so plz, I'm not interested @dopealiya_"

*Harry's P.O.V.*

Since Jessica was on Instagram, I decided to post a throwback with me and Jessica at Paris Candlelight. Once I posted it, I was spammed with likes and comments were rolling in. One comment captured my attention. It was Aliya. It said, 'Harry babe when are you gonna come over bae?' I quickly responded,'Um I'm taken by the best person in the world so plz, I'm not interested @dopealiya_' I continued the tour but took a detour to her restroom since I needed to wee. After I finished, I spotted her closet. I wanted to go in and I didn't think she would mind but just to be sure, I texted her:

Me: Hey I'm outside of your closet right now. Can I go in?

Jessica: Yeah sure. Nothin to hide ;)

Since she agreed, I went in. I opened the door and I looked in. Her closet was probably as big as her room. I passed some crop tops, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, undergarments, and finally, the last thing was her makeup table. She had simple colors, which impresses me since I don't like 'loud' colors. I saw the rose-gold necklace I bought her. Taped to her mirror was when I took her to the movie theater. She looked so happy. So was I. I decided to get out of her closet and return to Jessica's bedroom. She was still on her bed so I sat next to her. "Hey that girl Aliya commented on your picture." she said. " I know. Did you see my reply?" I asked. " Yea thanks for that I was gonna throw a fit but I saw your comment." she answered. I laughed. It was already 6. We have time. "Hey do you wanna go to the beach? The guys and Perrie and Eleonor are going." I asked. "Yes please! I'm so bored right now!" she answered excitedly. I happily texted the guys:

Me: she agreed to go :)

Niall: ok tell her to bring Aubrey ;)

Liam: and hannah!!

Me: ok bye imma go get ready see ya in a jiffy.

All: byee!!

"Niall and Liam told you to bring Aubrey and Hannah." I said. "Alright. I need to text them." she replied. "Im going home to get ready. Once I'm done I'm coming back to pick you up." I said. "Ok Harry. See you later." she said then kissed me. I went out of her room and only saw Mr.Montes so I said," Hey Mr.Montes me and Jessica are going to the beach later. I'm going to come back once I finish preparing." "Ok Harry see you later." he replied. I left out to my car.

~Author's Note~

Do you guys think my chapters are too short? I feel like they are. Please tell me in the comments. I really need advice so I can improve my book. Thank you and I love you all!!

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