Infinity Love

Jessica Montes is the Queen Bee of SouthCoast High. What happens when a curly haired lad walks into her life?


7. Chapter 7: Trouble

Chapter 7: Trouble

*Jessica's P.O.V.*

Me and Harry walked to homeroom together. Today, instead of sitting close to each other, Mr. Ortega gave everyone new seating arrangements. Me and Harry now sit far away from each other. I have to sit next to a boy named Zayn Malik. I think I've seen Zayn sit with Harry before. Harry sits next to this girl named Aliya Martez. She's popular as well but not as high as me. She has about 20 boyfriends a semester, so I'm pretty worried since she sits next to MY boyfriend. Plus, she wears the least amount of clothing. Today she is wearing pretty much a bra that spills her breasts out of it and some booty shorts that all you see is booty and no shorts. I already caught her licking her lips at Harry. "Lunch time!" cried Mr. Ortega. I waited for Harry then held his hand to make sure that Aliya knows that he's mine! We were walking into the lunch line when Aliya strutted pass, shaking her butt and suddenly, she hugged Harry and kissed him!!! That's it! I punched her in the face! She started to scream. The counselor passed and said," What happened in here?!" "She punched me." screamed Aliya. "Well maybe you should keep your ugly self off of the people I care about!" I fired back. "Both of you, in my office." Ms.Childs, the counselor said. "I'm going too." Harry said. "Alright." Ms. Childs said. When we got there, she asked for the story in my point of view. And I said," Me and Harry are dating and we were walking into the lunch line. Aliya walks up, shaking her behind and just hugs Harry and kisses him, on the lips!" "Well if that's your story, I'm going to go ask Mr. Styles." Ms. Childs said.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

Me and Aliya were waiting outside while Jessica was telling her story. Aliya suddenly leans over, revealing everything, and says, " Your hot." then attempts to kiss me. I push her away. "You know, I NEVER had a guy reject my kiss." Aliya says. "Well I'll be the first." I answered. She rolls her eyes and flirts with her ex on her other side. All I could say is that I saw him looking down her bra. "Mr. Styles? In my office please." Ms. Childs said. When I got in, Jessica had gone out with Aliya. "Tell me what you saw." Ms. Childs said. "Me and Jessica were holding hands and walking to the lunch line when suddenly Aliya walked in front of us and she was like shaking her butt to get my attention. She then turned around and hugged me and then she gives me a kiss. That's when I see Jessica punched her and Aliya falls to the floor." I explained. "Well, thank you. You can go outside now. And can you call in Aliya?" I walked out and I call Aliya. As she passed me, she winked and blew me a kiss. Then she shook her butt in. Well that was disturbing. I sat down next to Jessica. "Did you find that kiss enjoyable?" she asked. "You think I like her?" I asked. "Sure looks like it. You were looking at her up and down just now." she answered. That answer hurt my feelings.

*Aliya's P.O.V.*

"Ms Martez, tell me your side of the story." Ms. Childs said. "Ok well I was walking and someone pushed me back onto Harry and I accidentally hugged him. Our lips touched since I fell back so fast. Then Jessica thought I did it on purpose and punched me!" I said. "Well according to your record, you have had lots of boyfriends per semester so that was no accident. And according to Jessica and Harry, it was no accident and you never got pushed. What do you have to say?" Ms. Childs said. I stayed quiet. "Uh huh so that was no accident. You have guidance for a week Ms. Martez." Darn it.

*Jessica's P.O.V.*

It was quiet between me and Harry. Aliya then walked out of the office and glared at me. She once again attempted to flirt with Harry but Harry ignored her. Hmm, maybe I was wrong about Harry. Ms. Childs sent us back to lunch. In the lunch line, I caught up to Harry and said, "I'm sorry Harry for saying what I did back there. I guess I never should have doubted you. I was just mad and-" I got interrupted. "It's ok Jessica. I understand you weren't in the brightest mood. C'mon I want you to meet my friends." he said. He led me to his lunch table. I passed Hannah and Aubrey and whispered, "Sorry not today." Anyways I sat next to him, and soon, his friends were coming. "Hey who's this?" a blonde boy with a similar accent as Harry's said. "Everyone meet my girlfriend, Jessica Montes. " I noticed that all of them were in my classes with Harry. I learned that the boy with blonde hair was Niall Horan, the funny one was Louis Tomlinson, the nice one was Liam Payne, and the brotherly one was Zayn Malik (I know him already). They all seemed pretty cool. Lunch ended and I noticed that Aubrey went over to Niall and it's pretty funny cause they are both blondes. Hannah was talking to Liam. They were both brunettes. Cute. Back in class, we were learning about Leonardo Da Vinci and Mr. Ortega passed out a worksheet. He said that we could work with partners. Me and Harry walked towards each other. I noticed that Zayn went to this girl with blonde hair. She was pretty. And Louis went to a girl with brown hair. She was pretty too. "Hey Harry, who are they?" I asked. "Oh that's Zayn's girlfriend Perrie Edwards and that's Eleanor Calder with Louis." he answered. "They are really cute together." I said. "Cuter than us?" he asked. "Not a chance." I replied with a smile.

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