Infinity Love

Jessica Montes is the Queen Bee of SouthCoast High. What happens when a curly haired lad walks into her life?


6. Chapter 6: Stares

*Jessica's P.O.V.*

That date last night was one of the nights I will never forget. I can't wait to see him at school today. I got out of my bed and headed towards the bathroom. I decided to take a short shower since I wasn't that dirty. Once I finished, I started straightening my hair. I put on a little makeup which includes some mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. I went to my closet and decided what I was going to wear. Um....let's see here.....AHA! I grabbed my strapless, purple floral shirt and my black circle skirt. I grabbed some black flats and sprayed some perfume. I put on my rose gold necklace that Harry bought for me and grabbed my small black clutch. I was ready. I walked downstairs to see Harry here. He was talking to my parents but he looked up, "Um wow. Good morning Jessica!" he said. "Good morning Harry. Good morning mum, dad." I answered. I traveled over to Harry and gave him a kiss on the cheek, after that sat between him and mom. "Honey, where did you get that necklace? I don't remember buying it for you." mom said, puzzled. "Mom, Harry bought this for me. He gave it to me last night on our date. He asked me out. " I explained. " We are aware of that." my dad said. "Harry, have you had breakfast?" asked mom. "No ma'am. I drove over after I woke up and changed so I could pick up Jessica, and talk to you of course." he answered. "That is very kind of you. Now come to the kitchen I have prepared some breakfast. You should have a dish." said mom. She handed me and Harry each a plate of breakfast. Me and him sat down and ate. "Thanks for coming Harry." I said. " No problem. I'll do this everyday." he replied. "Are you here for the breakfast?" I asked, jokingly. "Uh oh! You cracked my secret! But no, I'm here for you." he answered. "Aww that's sweet. But you are gonna eat breakfast here everyday though." I stated. He smiled. We both went to the sink to put our plates in. After that, we went to say goodbye to my parents and after that, he held my hand and lead me to his car. He didn't let me in though. Instead he hugged me. "I will make you the happiest girl in the world." he said. "I know Harry, I know." I smiled. He gave me kiss and finally, let me in the car. He got in the other side and started driving. "So when are you gonna let me meet your friends huh? The ones you sit with at lunch." I asked. "Soon." was all he said. We arrived and he held my hand to the school. Some girls kept on looking at us. Why? Because they wanted Harry now that I have him. Anyways this school has 6 periods a day. Harry has choir, math, social studies, science, and reading together. We just don't have P. E. with each other. Harry walked with me to choir and sat down next to me. Once again, both girls AND guys were looking at us. But Harry held my hand this whole time so I felt better. When we stood up and sang, Harry sounded like an angel. He sings so good! That is another thing you gotta love about Harry Styles.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

When me and Jessica walked into the school, everyone was looking at us. Were they jealous of me or her? It doesn't matter cause nothing is tearing us apart. Anyways, we walked into choir I sat next to her since everyone was already staring at us. I held her hand throughout the whole class period to make her feel safe and to let her know that I care about her. The class started to sing and I only focused on Jessica's voice. It was beautiful. I was looking straight ahead but I could tell that she was listening to me too.

~Author's Note~

Hey everyone. Hope everyone is having a good day. Tell me if your liking to story so far. Comment some feedback!! Thanks and I love you all!!💕

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