Infinity Love

Jessica Montes is the Queen Bee of SouthCoast High. What happens when a curly haired lad walks into her life?


5. Chapter 5: At Paris Candlelight

*Jessica's P. O. V.*

We finally arrived at a restaurant called Paris Candlelight. I heard this place is expensive. Harry interrupted my thoughts by opening my door and leading me out. He held my hand all the way into the restaurant. The waitress asked, " How many people?" She was eyeing Harry. "Two please." Harry replied. Harry whispered something in her ear. "Oh yes, yes of course." she said. I was confused. She led us into this private room and took our orders. "I would like a steak please, medium rare. And for drinks, let's see, uh, a Dr.Pepper please." Then it was Harry's turn, " Same as the beautiful lady over here." "Ok. Your orders will be given to you as soon as possible." said the waitress. It was quiet between us for a while. " Why are you so quiet?" Harry asked, nicely. "What did you ask that waitress hmm?" I asked back. "I asked for her most private room." Harry answered. "Why?" I questioned. "Because I wanted to give you this." Harry said as he pulled something out of his pocket. He opened the case and there was a beautiful, stunning rose gold necklace. He stood up and walked behind me to clip it on my neck. "Harry, I don't know what to say-" I was cut off. "Just say yes." " Why?" I asked. "Because I want you to be my girlfriend." I was shocked. "YES!! Of course Harry!" I hugged him and gave him a real kiss. We sat down and talked for a while. Then our food came out and I dug in! "Harry, this place is really expensive. Did you picked this place to ask me out?" I asked. " Yes. I wanted to show you how much I love you." he answered. "Aww! I love you too Harry Styles."

*After dinner*

*Harry's P. O. V. *

It was a perfect night and she looks beautiful. We finished dinner, and I once again, held her hand to the car. I got in myself and drove her home. On the way, we were talking about random things and just listening to the radio. When we finally got to her house, I said, " That was a perfect night. And you look fabulous. I love you." " Thank you, you look handsome too. I love you too Harry." she replied. I couldn't resist anymore. I gave her a long kiss and said good night. I gave her a hug before she left. Tonight is truly the best night ever.

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