Infinity Love

Jessica Montes is the Queen Bee of SouthCoast High. What happens when a curly haired lad walks into her life?


14. Chapter 14: T-shirt and Jeans

*Jessica's P.O.V.*

Yesterday's pool party at Louis was amazing. Today was Saturday so I decided to lay in bed a bit longer since Harry wasn't coming today. My phone beeped. I got a new message and it's from.....Harry!

Harry: hey babe do you wanna go out for breakfast today?

Me: yeah sure lemme get ready. I'll text u when I'm done.

I headed towards my bathroom and brushed my teeth and wash my face. I skipped the shower and made my way to the closet. I picked a simple California flag t-shirt and a black circle skirt because I needed something casual. I sprayed some perfume and grabbed my black flats then threw my hair up into a messy bun.

Me:hey I'm ready!

Harry: alright me too coming in 5 mins

I sat there staring out the window, waiting for Harry to arrive. 5 long minutes later he had parked his car in my driveway, waiting for me to come out of the house. I dashed downstairs, then out of the house. I opened his car door then had a blast of cold air hit me in the face. "Are you hot or what?" I said, noticing that it sounded completely different than what I imagined. "Aww you think I'm hot?" he laughed. I giggled,"No I meant the air conditioner." I said, turning the air down. He faked a frown. We had arrived at Breakfast Castle after 5 short minutes since it was so close. Me and Harry walked in and sat down at one of the purple leather booths. "What would you like this morning?" a waitress asked politely. "I would like a bacon and eggs special please. And a cup of orange juice too." I ordered. "I would want a hash brown and eggs special. Oh and some apple juice." Harry said. I laughed at his request. The waitress walked away and Harry asked, "What's so funny about my love for apple juice?" "Nothing. It's just that you look so cute every time you say 'apple juice'." I giggled. "Aww thanks I guess. Was that a compliment? Anyways, do you want to go shopping later today?" he asked. "Sure. I do want to get some new clothes." I said. He looked at me in shock. "I know I have lots of clothes, but I would like some new clothes that aren't so revealing! Like some t-shirts and jeans. Maybe new pajamas. I want to dress differently and see what people would think of me then. " I replied to his expression. "Ok. I'll take you to the mall today. Do you want to go after breakfast?" he asked. "Yeah! I want to go home early since I have to give away some of my revealing clothes. I doubt that anyone at the donation place would want it." I said glumly. "Well if they won't then we could throw it in a donation box somewhere." he suggested as he took a swig of apple juice. "Thanks Harry." I smiled as I finished up my platter. After we both finished our breakfast, we left the restaurant and headed towards the mall.

*once we arrive*

Harry hopped out and went over to my side then opened it for me. "Why thank you Harold." I said fancily, holding in a laugh. He laughed. He held my hand and we walked into the Harford Mall. Once we got through the doors, I took Harry into Aeropostale with me. "They have a sale today Harry!" I squealed. Me and Harry divided once we got in. He went to the men's side and I went to the women's. They had very basic t-shirts that has the Aeropostale logo sewed onto the front. '$10 each' read the sign. I picked out 3 t-shirts which equals $30. Not bad. I picked a white one, a turquoise one, and a black t-shirt. I walked through the store looking for Harry. I then spotted him with ALIYA right next to him!! Why was she here?! I hid behind a nearby rack and eavesdropped on there conversation. I trust Harry and that he would never hurt me but I just needed to know what Aliya has to say. "Babe I love you! Didn't you say you love me too?" Aliya said. "No I never said that Aliya now go away!" Harry answered. Then Aliya pulled him onto a chair and then sat on his lap. Oh shoot the chair was right next to this rack! I carefully hid switching my position. Aliya then held his hand then put it on her thighs which were bare since she again, wore some very small underwear and some small black bra. "Harry, I'm prettier than Jessica x100. Why don't you love me?" she put her hand around his neck. "Jessica is more beautiful then you ever would be ok?" he replied. She slowly slid off his lap but not without plastering a kiss on his cheek. And with that she walked off to her boyfriend that just got out of the restroom. Wow Harry knows how to impress a girl. I speed walked towards the jeans table. I picked out two pairs of high waisted jeans. One was maroon and the other was black. "Hey Jessica, found anything you like?" Harry said from behind me, scaring me as well. "Dang Harry you scared me! And yes I did." I laughed. "Hey I just saw Aliya and she bothered me again." he said angrily. "Yeah I thought I saw someone with a little bit clothing. Turns out it WAS her." I said faking a laugh. "Anyways, you finished yet?" Harry asked. "Yeah let's go pay." I said with a smile. We passed some jewelry on the way and told Harry to go on to the register first. I noticed two gold infinity necklaces. I looked up at the sign which read, '2 jewelry pieces for $18' . I grabbed the two necklaces and dashed towards the register. Harry was in front of the line already once I got there. I tossed my clothes onto the counter after Harry payed for his clothes. "$64" the lady said. I reached for my wallet when I felt someone take it out of my hand. It was Harry. "I'll pay this one." he smiled. I smiled back. What a wonderful guy. He payed and we walked out of the store.

(We went to Forever 21, Victoria Secret, and Hot Topic after we got out of Aeropostale)


So I have recently received a hate comment on this book. I'm not pointing fingers but it said Jessica was to 'full of herself'. I've asked the person who wrote that comment to not hate on this Movella since I can change the character and not the book. And you know what she said? She said that it's too late and she HATES this book now. I then kindly told the person to not read this book anymore so I don't think this person is going to see this. But anyways, guys I would really like to know how I'm doing and if you want me to do any changes to fit you cause I want to make you guys happy! So I took this girls comment and made Jessica go on a shopping spree looking for clothes less revealing. Let me know what you want me to do and give me some feedback! Please and I love all you beautiful readers!💕

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