Infinity Love

Jessica Montes is the Queen Bee of SouthCoast High. What happens when a curly haired lad walks into her life?


13. Chapter 13: Barbecue

*Harry's P.O.V.*

I woke up to my alarm set for 6:15 A.M. since I need to get ready to pick Jessica up at 7. Last night was very fun and hopefully we could do that again sometimes. I shot out of bed and jumped into the shower since I feel very grungy and dirty. After the shower, I dried my hair and brushed my fingers through my curls. I walked to my closet and picked out a white Rolling Stones shirt and some black jeans. I tied a red bandana around my head and grabbed my brown boots. I sprayed some cologne to smell fresh. After I finished I walked out to the kitchen and picked up a note-pad and wrote,'Good morning everyone! I went over to Jessica's to pick her up! I love you all! Bye and have a nice day!' I drew a smiley face and stuck the note onto the fridge, knowing that my family eats breakfast from the fridge. I walked out to my car and drove to Jessica's house.

*once I arrive*

By now it was 6:55 and Jessica is probably getting ready. I walked up to her door and knocked. Her mom answered,"Good morning Harry! Here to get Jessica I suppose? Come on in!" She sounded happy as always. I sat down on the couch and her dad was also on the couch across from me. "Good morning Mr.Montes." I said. "As to you Harry." he replied. Jessica then walked down from the stairs. She walked over to me and gave me a hug. "Morning Harry!" she said. "Good morning Jessica." I said back. She led me over to the kitchen and we both sat down. Today she was wearing a strapless floral purple crop top and a dark blue jean skirt. She wore the necklace I gave her and her hair was in a ponytail. Ms.Montes walked over to the kitchen table and gave us each a plate of breakfast. I was hungry so I dug in. After we finished, me and Jessica both said goodbye to her parents and left out to my car.

*fast forward to afterschool*

The car ride to Jessica's house was quiet. "Hey Harry, Eleonor said that Louis is throwing a party tonight. Want to go?" she asked. "Sure why not?" I answered. "We don't have to wear anything to formal. You can wear something familiar to that pretty outfit of your right now." she laughed. I smiled. Once we got to her house I kissed her goodbye and drove myself home. I skipped the shower since I showered this morning. I went to my closet and picked out a black and white polka-dot shirt. I wore the same jeans and went with black boots instead of brown boots. I sprayed some cologne. I also grabbed a bag and threw in some swim-shorts, knowing that Louis has a pool at his house. I quickly texted Jessica:

Me: Babe bring some swim clothes cause Louis has a pool!

Jessica: thx babe I will. I'm still deciding wat I'm goin to wear. I need your help again ;)

Me: haha I'm finished. Coming over in abt 5 mins. I'll help ya ;)

Jessica: k babe. See ya later :)

I ran out to my car and made my way to Jessica's house.

*once I arrived*

I knocked on her door. Jessica opened it, hiding behind the door since she was only wearing undergarments. "Hey babe." I said. She gave me a kiss, rubbing my back. I picked her up in my arms and walked her upstairs to her room. I dropped her on her bed and I walked to her closet. I had no idea what to get her to wear. Hmm...pool party.....Ahh here you go. I picked out her black and white polka dot cropped bralette and her light blue short shorts. She slipped them on easily. "Hey did you pick this so we can match Harry?" she asked. "Yeah." I said. I grabbed her rose-gold necklace and put it on for her. She walked to her makeup table and threw her hair up into a donut bun. She did very simple makeup which I love in a girl. "Oh hey go pick out a swimsuit. Or else you won't get to swim!" I said. "Oh right thanks!" she said. She hopped out of her chair and ran to her closet. I saw her grab a purse and a pair of matching bikinis. "Finished!" she yelled. I walked her out to my car and let her in, then got in myself. "I got to text my parents to let them know that I'm going to Louis' with you." Jessica said. "Mom........with Louis. Finished!" I laughed.

*at Louis'*

There weren't many as many cars as I thought there would be. Louis is a very good party thrower that's why. Me and Jessica walked into the house and it was only Zayn and Perrie, Liam and Hannah, Niall and Aubrey, and Louis and Eleonor. "Hey, y'all finally made it!" Louis said. "Yup we made it. It's so strange seeing only a few people Louis." I said. "Yeah I didn't want to scare Jessica off!" he laughed. Jessica went over to him and playfully punched him in the shoulder. "Hey I'm not scared! Invite as many as you want!" she said. "Nah. This is good enough for me. Ok everyone, POOL TIME!!" Louis said as he ran towards the pool. Everyone went after him. Once they got outside, they all took their clothes off. I spotted Jessica and walked towards her and stood next to her. I took of my shirt and jeans and put on my swim-shorts. I ran towards the pool and jumped in creating a HUGE SPLASH! "Harry!" everyone yelled. I laughed. Midway through the pool party, Louis and Eleonor got out of the pool and got their barbecue pit out of the warehouse. I guess there is going to be barbecue today as well. Yup there is. Eleonor went inside the house then quickly returned with a plate full of raw chicken wings, ready to be barbecued.

*Author's Note*

Hope this chapter is long enough for y'all! I really don't have anything to say ha! Umm..... Anyways have a good Memorial Weekend and I love you all!!

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