Infinity Love

Jessica Montes is the Queen Bee of SouthCoast High. What happens when a curly haired lad walks into her life?


12. Chapter 12: Pool

*Jessica's P.O.V.*

Last night's dinner was amazing. I texted Harry good morning but suddenly regretted it since Harry is probably downstairs already. Aww and today is school too. Dang it. Wanting to see him, I quickly jumped out of bed and ran towards the bathroom. I decided to skip the shower since I wasn't dirty. I went to dry shampoo my hair just in case and combed through my bed head. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I stripped out of my clothes but kept my undergarments on and wrapped myself up in a towel. Wow, this towel is short and doesn't cover much. Oh well I'll get a new one later. I walked out of the bathroom and found HARRY ON MY BED LOOKING MY WAY!! "Oh I'm so sorry I didn't know you were changing!!" he yelled. "No it's ok I didn't know you were here." I laughed. He slowly opened his eyes. Thank goodness I was still wearing something. I unwrapped my towel and walked over to my closet to pick my clothes out. "Harry, I'm having a hard time picking something. Would you help me?" I asked, needing help. "Sure." he answered, getting up to help me. He walked inside the closet and went over to my dresses. "Here wear this." he said with a smile. It turned out to be a sunflower printed maxi-skirt with a black crop-top. It was beautiful. I slipped it on but stopped at my skirt. There was a zipper that lasted from my hips to under by butt. "Hey I need help with this zipper." I called. Harry walked over to me and zipped it up. Once he finished, he gave me a kiss. After it stopped I said,"What was that for?" "For being Jessica Montes." he smiled. I returned a smile and gave him a hug. I let go and told him I was going to do my hair and that he should go wait on my chair. I decided to wave my hair using a waver and then did my makeup. I picked up my rose-gold necklace from Harry and my infinity ring. I also grabbed my diamond earrings. I threw my black shoulder bag over my arms and walked out. "C'mon Harry. Have you eaten breakfast yet?" I asked. "Nope." he answered. I held his hand and led him downstairs to the kitchen. "Good morning mom, dad." I said. "Good morning sweeties." mom said. She handed me and Harry each a plate of hash browns, scrambled eggs, and bacon. "Is it good?" I asked, randomly. "It's delicious!" he answered enthusiastically. We finished up our breakfast and put the plates into the sink. We passed the living room to say goodbye to mom and dad but dad spoke up, "Jessica, we want you to stay at home tonight. We feel like you are going out too much. You can stay at home tonight but tomorrow you can go anywhere you want. We want you to take a little break that's all." "Ok but can Harry stay with me?" I questioned. "Sure sweetie but as long as you don't go anywhere." Mom answered. "Ok bye. We are headed off to school now!" I said. "Bye!" they both yelled behind us. Harry opened the car door for me and let me in. Then he got in himself. He ignited the engine then asked, "What are we gonna do today after school?" he asked. "I was thinking we could swim in the backyard?" I suggested. "Sounds good." Harry smiled.

*school arrival*

Harry walked me into choir class and I saw that everyone was still looking at me. I spotted Aliya and knew that she got out of guidance already. She once again was wearing the smallest bra ever and the tiniest underwear. Doesn't she ever get cold? The day went on and on and on.....

*in 3rd period*

Me and Harry sat down in our far apart seats and listened onto the lesson. I turned around and saw that Aliya was leaning so that her big breasts would show over to Harry, he was ignoring her. Anyways, Zayn on my left said, "Hey, you don't have to worry. I knew Harry for a long time and trust me, he would never cheat on a girl. He won't even focus on another girl. Relax." His comment really did make me feel better.

*after school*

Harry drove us to my house and then he walked me in. He walked me up to my room and said,"I'll wait out here. You go change." "Ok." I said back. I walked into my bathroom and cleared all my makeup since it would get smudged in the pool anyways. I threw my hair up into a messy bun and then went to my closet. I picked my black strapless bikini top and my black bikini bottoms. I walked out of the bathroom and saw that Harry took off his shirt and his jeans. He was only wearing boxers. I went over to him and gave him a hug and then kiss. I felt his abs against my breasts, he might be working out. I grabbed his hand and then walked him out to the pool. He jumped in right away! "Hey help me out!" he yelled. I grabbed his hand and just then, he pulled me in with him. "Harry!" I screamed. He laughed then gave me a kiss in the water.

*after the pool*

I wrapped myself in a towel and went up for a quick shower. I left my hair to air-dry and walked over to my closet. I grabbed my light pink pajama tank top and the matching short shorts. I shuffled out of the bathroom and saw that Harry wasn't in my room. I walked downstairs and saw that he was talking to my parents. "Hi mom. Hi dad." I said. "Hi sweetie. Harry is staying for dinner tonight." mom said. "You kids can go upstairs while me and mom cook dinner ok?" dad asked. "Yes sir!" me and Harry answered. Me and him walked upstairs and into my room. "Hey let's take a picture." Harry said. He pulled out his phone and went to the camera app. We both smiled and he took the picture. I walked to my bed and so did he. Knowing that he will post that picture on Instagram, I opened the app and scrolled down to until I saw his picture. I liked it and read some of the comments. 'Aww! Y'all are adorable!' It was from Perrie. 'Is that right now?' Liam asked. I decided to get off of Instagram. "Hey let's watch a movie." I suggested. "Ok what do you want to watch?" he asked. "How about 'Roses Grenade'?" I asked. "Sound good." I pushed the CD into the Blu-Ray and pressed play. We only got to watch about 20 minutes of it when we got called down to dinner. Tonight we dined on some fried rice with fried salmon, scallops, and shrimp, with lime juice to dip. We drank apple cider which I requested since I knew Harry loved all things apple. "Wow! This is amazing! You guys dine like royalty in here!" Harry said. We all laughed at how surprised he is. After dinner, me and Harry went back upstairs to watch the rest of the movie before he went home.

*Author's Note*

Are these chapters long enough? Comment! Anyways I still owe you guys another chapter today so look forward to it. Please comment some feedback because I really want to know how bad I'm doing. Thank you and I love you all!

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