Infinity Love

Jessica Montes is the Queen Bee of SouthCoast High. What happens when a curly haired lad walks into her life?


11. Chapter 11: 5 Ways

*Harry's P.O.V.*

She looked beautiful. She was wearing a sparkly blue dress and it looked great on her. "Ready to go?" I spoke. "Yup, let's go!!" she piped. I walked her gracefully out to my car and opened the door for her, after that, walked in myself.

*once we arrive*

I noticed everyone else's car in the parking lot so I walked her into the restaurant. When we got in, we saw a few hands wave and it was our friends. "Wow guys this room is so private!" Jessica said. "Yup! I picked it!" Zayn said excitedly. Everyone laughed. The waitress came to our table and asked what we wanted to order. Everybody ordered then when it comes to Jessica she says, "I would like grilled shrimp and fried rice please. Oh, and for drinks, a iced tea please. I'm eating fancy today!" I laughed and said," I would like a steak please, medium rare. Oh and for drinks, apple juice please!" I didn't realize I said with such confidence because everyone around me giggled. "What? It's my favorite drink." I asked, jokingly. "Pits mine too." Jessica said. I smiled, feeling more comfortable. Every couple got back to talking to one another. "Hey, this restaurant is pretty expensive." Jessica said. "Yeah I know. But since Zayn suggested here, then he's paying." I answered. Zayn heard our conversation and yelled, "Hey, I'm not paying everything. How about we split the payment five ways, and have each couple pay equally?" Everyone agreed on his idea. The waiters finally came with our meals. Another waiter came with our drinks. Everyone dug in into there plates.

*after dinner*

"Well I'm stuffed." Louis said. "Same." Everyone else mumbled. Our payment bill came and we split it 5 ways. Turns out this whole dinner was $200.00 since there was ten people. After we all paid we all said 'Good Night!' to each other and went home. I drove Jessica home first before I drove home myself.

*Author's Note*

I haven't published in about 2 weeks or so? But I'm super sorry. I've been missing sleep lately and have been really lazy and tired but now I've gained all my energy back so I'm going to pay you guys back with 2 chapters this weekend. Sounds good? Yeah? Ok! Love you all and have a nice, safe day beautifuls!

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