Infinity Love

Jessica Montes is the Queen Bee of SouthCoast High. What happens when a curly haired lad walks into her life?


1. Chapter 1: The Chat

Rowdy and loud.

This is the sound of the cafeteria of SouthCoast High School. My name is Jessica Montes and I'm the popular girl of this school. I'm the girl that's known for her body and complexion. Honestly, I'm just a regular girl. Everyone thinks I'm rich, which I am, but I'm not selfish. I think everyone's the same. Anyways, after lunch, my class headed back to class and we got right back to learning. Once I sat down, I noticed this boy named Harry was standing in front of me and he asked me something but I didn't hear him. "What? Sorry I didn't hear you." He replied and said, " Do you wanna go out?" he said with a smirk. I noticed he was looking at my face and not my body. Shocker. His name is Harry Styles and I only talked to him a few times. He looks at me when I pass him in the hallway but that was no shock to me, I mean every guy does that. He was pretty cute though. I snapped out of my thoughts and responded, " Maybe later on when I get to know you better," he quickly answered, " Maybe a date today. I mean -not a date, more like a little meeting so you can know me better. " I smiled ," Um yeah sounds nice." He grinned and his dimples showed. " Ok then, I'll see you at the movies tonight. Oh give me your number Jessica!" " Oh sorry here. " I pushed in my number on his phone and he said, "I'll pick you up at 7." And after that he winked and left.

*Jessica's P. O. V. *

* After school *

I locked my car and ran inside the house. I said 'Hi!' to my parents and ran up to my room. It was only 4 and he said he would pick me up at 7 so I decided to take a 1 hour bath.

*After bath*

I curled my light brown hair and applied my makeup. After that I went to my closet. Hmm...let's see...uh...t-shirt.... nah. Since this was a movie date I decided to go with my high cropped coral top and my light booty shorts. I know this outfit is kind of revealing everything but my closet is filled with this sort of clothes so yeah. I went with some galaxy Vans and I grabbed a small purse.

It was only 6 after I finished so I decided to put on some jewelry. I picked out my infinity ring and my owl necklace. I then texted my best friends Hannah and Aubrey.

Me: Guys, I'm going on a date with Harry today. :)

Hannah: The one in our social studies class?

Aubrey: Nah dur Hannah like there is another Harry as hot as Harry Styles. Rite Jessica?

Me: yea I guess he's pretty hot. <3

Hannah: well have a good date!

Aubrey: yea wat she said^

Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring.

Me: alright bye guys I think he's here now!! Bye!

Aubrey and Hannah:BYEE!!

I quickly looked in the mirror to make sure I looked pretty. I went down the stairs and passed my parents and told them I was going to go on a date and went to the door. I slowly opened it and there he was.

~Authors Note~

Hey guys I'm pretty new to this stuff this is my first Movella so hopefully you like it! Hope everybody like this chapter and give me some feedback on how you think I did. My Instagram will be shown in a few chapters! Thank you everyone for reading!!

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