How I Feel About the Boy

This is truly how I feel about the boy :)


1. How I Feel About Him


He stands there, tall, 6'3

His eyes of hazel gleam under the hot ,afternoon sun, revealing his eyes' true warmth

Slowly, turning his head to the side he spots you from a distance

His smile, oh his smile

Perfectly straight, white teeth that make you feel like your's aren't up to par even though you had braces for two years...

But, more importantly his smile radiates love for everything that he actually cares about.

Well, if he smiles at me, does he care about me?

I mean I care about him. I care about him a lot actually..



When I stand next to his tall stature, I surprisingly don't feel like a bug next to the Empire State Building.

I actually feel quite protected.

When we share a hug, I feel so secure in his soccer-toned arms.. 

When we shook hands for the first time, I was so mesmerized I couldn't remember the one thing you really should remember, your name.

When I first caught his glance, I knew something about our future relationship could not be replicated by any other love.

This was going to be something special. 

And it is.



Even though we're in the wee first chapter of our story, I can already see the whole book laying out perfectly.

Our bond is irreplacable.

Could I be in love or am I just infatuated?

I think it could be love, but what does a hormone-crazed teenager know about that?

Do we know how to love another human being besides a relative or friend?

I think so. 

Why do I, you may ask?


*insert name here* I'm falling in love you.

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