Ween Weeningson Goes To The Beach

Pretty good


5. Dogs are shitty and I don't like them at all

The slobbery beast lands on me with a thump. As this happens, my mind drifts. It feels like a straight 9 months since I've done this, but I cannot comprehend as to why. 

Anyway, the thing licks me. Its rather unpleasant, and to express that feeling of disdain, I grab the dog tightly by the throat and call it mean names like "Bum Muncher" and "Spiteful Little Hound". The yucky critter yelps and sprints off in the opposite direction to me. I check my watch, it's broken. I haven't had the need for time in many a year. I do like the way Micky Mouse points at the numbers, though. It's cute, in a harrowing way. 

I stare at the ground most of the time, it helps me avoid cornea damage. Occasionally the floor goes white and HOLY FUCK do I wish it wouldn't do that. One of these times the floor was paved with white stones I look up to see some Emos. Ugh




They were discussing Sonic fanfiction, the cringy little beasts. They see me in black and fully covered and attempt to relate to me. 

"Hey, man, what's up, man"

"Go away, stop that"

It's always the same. I hate broken subcultures. 

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