She's Not Afraid

When you live in a world filled with flesh eating zombies, there's no time for romance, there's just surviving. My name is Zoey Bolger, I'm sixteen and I have been surviving on my own during the Zombie Apocalypse for two years. I've watched my closest friends and my own family get ripped apart and devoured by walkers. I traveled on my own for months until I stumbled upon a small group of other survivors, who are still clueless to the situation. What the hell am I going do with these five idiots? (Edited from my original)


1. Discoveries

     Zoey's Point of View

     I limped down the hall of a hotel as their moans and groans were getting closer, louder. I inhaled deeply and turned the corner. I was almost out of ammo now; I have to make every shot count. With amazing precision, I shot the three walkers right in the brain, the only way to kill a zombie. I listened to my surroundings to make sure no more walkers were coming, there was only silence. I continued down the hall with a steady jog, holding both my pistols. I heard the shuffling of heavy feet as I came to the split of the hall. I leaned against the wall and checked my ammo count. Three bullets in each chamber. I took a deep breath and turned the corner fast, pointing my guns. To my surprise, the walkers I had expected to see weren't walkers at all; they were survivors, like me. There were five of them. They were tall and handsome, a pretty sight to my eyes, and these eyes of mine have seen many disturbing things.

      "Don't shoot!" a curly-haired boy shouted, rather slowly, putting his hands in front of him. I put my arms down by my side.

     "What are you guys doing here? Are there more of you?" I asked as I looked behind to make sure there weren't any walkers. I was clueless as to how they had made it safely to this floor.

     "No just us." The blonde one said, his accent was Irish, not British like the other one.

    "Your leg is bleeding. Were you bitten?" Another British member of the group asked.

     I looked down to my wound. Blood was bleeding through the cloth I had tied around it. "We need to go, now.” I said as I looked around us again and ignored his question.  

     "We'll take you to our room, it’s safe there."A darker British one said as he and the others turned down the hall. I looked behind me one last time before following them to their room. I could hear the walkers that filled the hotel.

     We made it to the room safely. They opened the door with their room key and  we filed in quickly. The shut the door and it clicked signifying that it had locked. I threw my weapons and backpack onto the floor and sat down beside them. I untied the bloodstained cloth from my wound. The men turned to me with bewildered looks.

     The curly-haired Brit whipped his pistol out, holding it to my head. "You have five seconds to tell me how you got that wound before I pull this trigger." 

     I put my hands up in front of me as if I were surrendering to him. "It's not a bite, I swear." 

     "Then how'd you get it?" He shoved the tip of the gun onto my skin. It burned as if it was just recently shot. I dared not to flinch.

     "I tripped." I spoke calmly.

    "Tripping doesn't pierce your skin like that sweetheart." He clutched his gun tighter and turned off the safety. The others stood back as if I were contagious. 

     "It does if you trip onto a pile of rubble, which is what happened. If I was bitten I'd be in sweat right now, and obviously I am not." My story convinced him. He puled his gun away reluctantly and turned the safety back on. I returned to treating my wound. I wrapped it back up and stood to my feet. "I'm Zoey by the way."

     "Harry." He replied as he sat on the beaten up couch behind me. "That's Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn." He pointed to each of them.

    "I'm pretty sure we can speak for ourselves, Harry." Zayn said as he removed his leather jacket and hung it up on the rack beside the door. He had sleeves of tattoos down both of his arms. 

     Harry said nothing in return to Zayn, but instead spoke to me. "How long have you been on your own out there?" 

     I sat on the other end of the couch as I watched the other boys move around the room. "A few weeks now. I use to travel with a group, but uh, some stuff went down." 

     "Walkers split you up?" Niall asked as he kicked off his dirt-covered shoes.

     I shook my head. "No,actually. It was just drama. None of us could get along.You do what you have to do to survive I guess." The boys exchanged wary looks with each other, then nodded in agreement. 

    "So, what were you before this all began?" Liam asked as he took a seat on the floor. 

    "I was in university, studying nursing. I didn't really think it would become this useful though." I laughed faintly. "How about you guys?"

     "We were in a band." Zayn smiled. "We were living the life before the virus broke out."

     "One Direction, was it? I figured you guys looked familiar. Never thought I'd meet celebrities, especially this way." I laughed again, it faded out as they did not laugh with me. They looked down as if they were reminiscing. We were all silent for a long while. It was as if the year of this catastrophe had butchered our social skills. 

     "You could stay with us if you'd like." Zayn suggested. "You might not survive much longer out there on your own." 

     Harry flashed Zayn a dirty look. "I think we would need to talk about something like that first Zayn. You can't just go on making decisions like that on your own." He spoke crudely.

     Zayn shrugged. I cleared my throat and stood up. "I'll just go." I grabbed my things off of the floor. 

     "Wait, I'm coming too." Zayn jogged over and put his jacket back on.

     "Bloody fuck Zayn, what on Earth do you think you're doing?" Harry exclaimed as he too stood up.

    "Harry, I'm tired of sitting here in this suite. There's life out there somewhere! More survivors. Perrie even. I'm not going to just wait around for the help that's never going to come!" Zayn spoke as if he had wild dreams and big expectations for the world outside of the hotel walls. I was sure that once he stepped out onto the streets that he would be let down. 

    "Whatever mate. You're committing suicide by leaving. It's safe here." Harry shrugged.

    "You're bullshitting yourself mate. We ran out of food ages ago. We've been rationing a box of saltines for months now. We got to find somewhere new now or we are going to starve ourselves."

     The other boys watched and listened to the conversation, deciding whether or not they would leave as well or stay. 

     Harry nodded, knowing that Zayn was indeed right. He looked to the others, they too nodded in agreement. "Let's go then." 

      I hesitated for a moment. I wasn't sure if I wanted to travel in a group with these men. The last time I was in a group it didn't end well. Maybe these men were different. Maybe I would be safer with them. "We have to leave now. I don't know how much time we have until it gets dark. Grab only what you really need like food, water, and weapons. And if I were you, I'd wear something that's harder to bite through, like leather. We might come into close contact with some walkers."

     The boys scrambled around the room. They changed and packed supplies into their back packs. I rocked impatiently back and forth as I stood by the door. It took about three minutes before we left the room. I lead the way silently and we made our way down the halls of the hotel. We left through the kitchen, killing only the walkers that stood a threat to us.

     The alley way behind the hotel was relatively empty, just a few walkers here and there. I turned to them and spoke in a hushed tone. "The streets are filled with walkers. If we stay silent, we can go undetected. The slightest noise could cause us to be compromised. Walk slowly and if you stray from the group, you're a goner. So stay close, I'm nor saving any of your asses. Be as silent as possible and try not to cause a scene. Kill only what has to be killed. Any mistake any of you make could kill all of us."

The boy's faces immediately read off fear. They nodded and remained silent. I turned and opened the gate to the city streets of London. Zombies filled the roads moaning and groaning. We kept close and walked slowly towards the city limits.

Harry's Point of View

     I haven't been outside the hotel since this whole Zombie Apocalypse thing started, so this was quite frightening for me. I examined each walker as we passed by. Each one was different, although they all wore rotting flesh and smelled of decay, some were missing limbs while others were all intact.The scenery was a lot to take in. I could picture the panic from when it all began. The cars were abandoned and scattered along the middle if the streets. I couldn't believe that this was once a tourist attraction. London's former beauty was nothing but a faded memory to me now. We turned down the next street. This road was packed with walkers. Zoey turned to us as if to check if we were all still there. We continued down the main road maneuvering around walkers. A thought occurred to me then and there. These hordes of zombies had gone through what Gemma, my older sister, had gone through. Her transformation was instant. It started with an extremely high fever, with the twitches and screams of pain as the virus spread through her. She was silenced by what seemed to be death, only to awake moments later as something other than herself. All of these walkers were once loved ones, and now they were nothing but monsters. 

   We stayed together as we walked down the streets of London. The sky was beginning to get darker as the day was coming to an end. We could see the city limits not to far ahead. All was going well until a car alarm went off a right next to us. A walker had bumped the car as it walked by. The zombies stopped in their tracks and turned their heads to us.

    "Run!" Zoey exclaimed as she slaughtered the oncoming walkers with her blade.

     We all ran together as the horde chased us. I was frightened, never before had I been in this kind of situation. A walker took hold of Niall and pulled him to the ground. Zoey broke her own rule, she stopped running with us and ripped the walker off of him. She twisted off its head and threw it aside before pulling Niall back up to his feet. They both caught up to us and we all ran. The walkers groaned and moaned making terrible demon like sounds. I pulled out my handgun and shot the ones that were gaining up on us.

     By the time we made it the the city limits I had run completely out of bullets. We climbed over the fences and fell to our knees. We were all out of breath. I watched as the walkers pressed themselves against the fence and reached their arms through. This was insane.

     Is this what our world has become now?

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