One Life (One direction Fanfic)

After winning a contest to go out for a night with 1Ds Liam Payne and Harry styles, Elizabeth gets more than she expected


3. Chapter 3.

Elizabeth's POV.

I wake up to someone knocking at the door. I thought it was just my imagination until the knocking got harder, I moan not wanting to get up. I slowly make my way to the door and opened it, Paul makes his way in with a McDonalds bag with coffee and orange juice.

"I knew since you didn't respond to my text you would still be sleeping. So I thought I might as well come up and wake you two" he puts the things down and walks over to me.

"Here, now go wake up Stella and get ready" he hands me an egg and sausage mcmuffin with a coffee. I thank him and walk into the room but Stella is already awake.

"I smelled McDonald's so I got up, where is it?" I giggled and pointed out to the living room, she nods and ties her hair up in a bun and walks out.

I finished my breakfast while the water got hot, I quickly undressed and got in.

Stella went in after me, I made sure the door was locked before I started to dress. I know Paul wouldn't just come in with out knocking but I just find it weird to dress with the door being unlocked. I decided to go with a small white crop top, a red high waist skirt with a light washed jean jacket and my light brown boots. Once I finished my make-up and hair, Stella was ready to go. We walk out and Paul was on the phone and mouths 'one minute', I nod and sit down and start to eat another mcmuffin.

"No you can't come with us" he says into the phone. "Because I say you can't, you will meet them tonight. Goodbye" and with that he hangs up.

"I'm sorry they boys are a handful" he chuckles "So you guys ready?"

"Yes" I say finishing the food in my mouth.

"Okay well let's hurry"

Once we get in the car Paul tells us that the plans slightly changed, instead of going back to the hotel room after shopping we are having lunch with Simon.

"What?" I feel my breakfast coming back up at the thought of having lunch with Simon Cowell. The person that made One Direction and Fifth Harmony.

"You're having lunch with Simon" he repeats himself.

"I-I heard you but why does he want to have lunch with us" I ask softly.

"I'm not really sure, he just told me to take you to his house for lunch"

"That's weird, I wonder what he wants with us" Stella whispers to me.

We stop at some local boutiques, Paul puts a hat and sunglasses on and tells Sebastian to pick us up at 3:30. He nods and drives off, Stella and I start to walk into a store that is full with just dresses and heels while Paul walks behind us.

After a few hours of shopping we both have at least 20 bags each. We stop at the last store of the day but Paul waits outside because the store is for bras and panties, we start to try out some of the bras to make sure they are the right size.

"Ever since I got here josh hasn't stopped texting or calling me. Should I call him back or should I just keep ignoring him?" I say looking through the lace section.

"Just ignore him, you broke up with him for a reason and he needs to move on. You're not going back to him are you?" She looks at me with questioning eyes.

"No I'm not, I already moved back to my parents. So I'm not sure what it's going to take for him to see that it's over" I walk over to the cash register to pay for my things. She shrugs and pays for her stuff.

When we walk out the car is ready to take us to Simons house. We put the bags in the trunk and got in. On our way to Simons we past a lot of huge houses that even if I could imagine living in one of them I couldn't. Once we arrived at the gate Sebastian entered a code and it opened, Simon was waiting for us at the door.

"Welcome to my house" he raises his hands in the air while walking towards us.

"I'm Simon but of course who wouldn't know that" he chuckles and puts his hand out for us to shake.

"I'm Elizabeth" I smile and shake his hand.

"I'm Stella" she smiles and shakes his hand as well.

"You have a firm grip, I like that" he winks at her.

"Come on in, mi casa es su casa" he walks up the stairs and opens the door.

"I'll come back and pick you guys up in an hour" Paul says standing at the door way.

"Y-you're not staying with us?" I nervously ask.

"I have a lot of other things to do and I have to make sure the boys are ready for dinner tonight, I'll come back don't worry" he smiles trying to comfort me.

"Okay" I say as he leaves and closes the door.

"I won't bite darling I promise" Simon winks at me and stifles a laugh.

We follow him to the back patio where food is already being served. There's finger sandwiches, salad, and other light things that I'm not really sure but look delicious and is served with iced tea. As he sits and we mirror him by sitting as well.

"Not trying to be rude here Mr.Cowell but-" Stella says but is interrupted.

"Please call me Simon, sorry for interrupting. Continue" he says.

She clears her throat,"So Simon why did you want to meet with us?"

He takes a bite out of his salad before answering." I wanted to meet the contest winner and see why she is so special out of all the other people that could have won"

I'm not sure if I should be offended or not.

"What do you mean by that?" Stella seems to be getting annoyed.

"I mean don't get me wrong you seem like a nice girl and all but what is so special about you that you won the contest."

I'm slightly getting annoyed with his tone. What's his problem?

"Let's be real, the contest wasn't 'picked randomly' it's chosen to see who had the better answer to the last question. So with that, the last question on the form was asking 'What makes you different from every other girl in the world?' What was your response?" He takes another bite from his food and waits for me to respond.


"You don't have to answer that Elizabeth" Stella cuts me off.

I shake my head and stand up.

"It's okay, you want to know what makes me different from every other girl? Fine. What I think makes me different from them is that I don't wait for someone to come sweep me off my feet or to have a huge wedding or to have kids. I don't want to be an actor or singer, I don't wish to be rich and I don't care to be. I don't wish I had a body of a super model, I love my body and what god has given me. I could care less of what people think of me or who people think I should be. I'd rather go to school and get my degree and have my career of what I want to do no matter what it will be, yes I have big dreams but I don't wait for someone to give me a hand and help me get to them. I'd work ten jobs just to make my dream become a reality. That's why Mr. Cowell I believe that I am different from every girl" I begin to walk away until I hear him clapping.

"Just Simon please, but bravo on the speech I can see why they chose you" he smiles widely. "Come sit back down and finish lunch. I hope I didn't come off too rude."

"You rude? No of course not" I say sarcastically.

He loudly chuckles,"I'm beginning to like you more now"


The hour flew by pretty fast, Paul is out waiting for us in the car. Simon walks us out. He's actually not that bad when you get to really talk to him, he's surprisingly fun to be around.

"Elizabeth don't forget to call me if you ever need help getting your clothing line going" he says giving me a hug.

I smile "Thanks. Maybe after I finish school"

It would be cool if he could help but I'd rather do it myself. We wave to him as we leave the driveway and threw the gate, on the drive back to the hotel Paul was telling us how the boys are really excited to meet us. I couldn't help but feel little butterflies in my stomach thinking of Liam.

"Ugh! Finally we are back i'm exhausted" Stella says plopping on the bed.

"Well we don't have anytime to rest, we have an hour to get ready remember. I still don't know what the hell I'm going to wear or how I'm going to do my hair." I'm freaking out bad.

"Dude you need to calm down, haha. I'll help you pick something out and I'll even do your hair if you want." She smiles.

"You sure? About my hair I mean."

"Yeah and besides I take a lot less time to get ready than you do" she mocks.

I stick my middle finger out on her.

"Love you too" she giggles. "Well we better hurry"

She stands up and walks over to our shopping bags and pulls out one of the dresses.

"This one" she says with a big smile.

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