One Life (One direction Fanfic)

After winning a contest to go out for a night with 1Ds Liam Payne and Harry styles, Elizabeth gets more than she expected


1. Chapter 1

Elizabeth's P.O.V

I still can't believe that I'm packing to go to London. I mean how awesome is that, that I'm the lucky winner that gets to fly there for five whole days. I filled the forms nearly everyday just to see if I get a chance to win. The best part is that I'm taking my best friend Stella, she nearly fainted when I received the email. I'm Elizabeth by the way, I'm 22, 5'2 and I have long black hair and light brown eyes. I'm not as petite as other girls I've got some curves. Stella on the other hand is two inches taller than me and is 19, has long brown hair,brown eyes and has a little less curves but she is more outgoing and I'm more shy.

"Just a few more hours and we get to go on a plane to London!" Stella says excitedly.

"I know but we might want to get some sleep since we have to get up early tomorrow" I say zipping up my suitcase. We put our suitcases by the door and laid down on my bed.

"Just think you get to go on a date with your future husband haha" she winks.

"Haha shut up, it's not like it's a real date anyways. I bet he won't even take a second look at me" I say getting comfortable.

"You never know" she says optimistically.


Next morning..

"We are so late! Stella hurry up and get your things we have to be at the airport by six and its already 5:30" I say frantically.

"Relax girl, we still have time, I put the clock one hour ahead so that we wouldn't have to" she shrugs.

"Are you kidding me! You could've warn me at least! Let's go before we are actually late." I grab my luggage and headed out the door. We get into the car and drive off. We get to the airport grab our luggage and go to check in.

"Hello how can I assist you" The check in lady says. She seems really happy but not like the joyful happy, it's the 'I like to strangle things' happy.

"Yeah we like to check in" I say.

"Name please?" She asks.

"Elizabeth Simmons" I quickly say. I don't really like my last name, it feels wrong somehow.

It takes her a minute to find me and finally looks up with a bigger creepier smile.

"You're in first class, please follow me" she grabs our tickets and shows us to a big quiet room, with very few people there. There is a flat screen tv, a table full of food and yes! A chocolate fountain.

"Please help yourself with whatever you like and have a safe flight" we thanked her as she left and literally ran to the food table, we grabbed as much sweets as we could and started to stick them in the chocolate fountain.

"This is the best thing ever!" Stella shouts. "Though I can tell I'm getting fat just by eating all of these sweets."

"What are you talking about you can eat as much as you want and barely even gain a pound, I take a sniff of pizza and I put on a stone."

"Boarding call to flight 2437 to London " the woman announces.

Just hearing that my stomach flips and I start to shake. God I hate that I'm getting nervous about going on the plane, it's not like I haven't been on a plane before it's just the thought of being up so high terrifies the chizz out of me. I'm going to get use to it of I plan on traveling the world when I get started on my fashion line. I've always wanted to start my own fashion line since I was 5, well I also wanted to be a singer but I know I will never make it so that dream is gone.

"Hello,earth to Liz?" Stella pulls me out of my thoughts and waves her hands in my face. "Are you coming? Everyone is already boarding." I nod and we follow a lady to the first class cabin.

"I hate when you call me 'Liz'" I say scrunching my nose. I really despise nicknames, I like my name the way it is.

"Oh you love it" she sticks out her tongue, I do the same.

"If everyone can put their seatbelt a on and get ready for take off" the flight attendant announces.

"These seats are so comfy I wish we could have fist class all the time" Stella says leaning back in her seats.

The seats are similar to reclining chairs. They are white with red cloths down the middle and on each of the arm rest and comes with cup and plate holders on the side of them. There's also a door that separates us from the other cabins and security guard in the door. I haven't seen anything like this, I mean I've always pictured first class being nice but never this nice and elegant looking.

"Would you like anything to drink miss?" Another flight attendant asks somewhat irritated.

"Oh yes, I'll have some orange juice please" I shyly say. She told her eyes and pours juice into the cup and hands it to me.

"Thank you" I smile and she leaves, I could've easily said something about her attitude or annoy her some more but decided against it.

"She is your biggest fan" Stella laughs and I join her. This is going to be a long ride, might as well get some sleep the whole way"

"You're going to sleep the whole 16 hour flight?"

"Well yeah what else am I supposed to do? They don't have wifi"

I laugh "Yes they do, all planes do. Idiot"

"They do? oh haha I knew that" her cheeks flush red of embarrassment. She decides to go on Facebook and Twitter, of course.

I roll my eyes and sit back and put my headphones in and go on Netflix, luckily they have the whole Twilight series and I press play on the first and get lost in the world where vampires and werewolves exists.

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