His kid

Niall's ex girlfriend Adriana had Niall's kid when they where 15 now they are 26 and she has their 11 year old daughter that Niall never know about. Their kids name is Jordan Horan she has blonde hair like her mom, blue eyes like here dad, and tan skin like her uncle.


4. Soccer games and dads

  Jordan P.O.V

 I ran back and forth before the game Cloey said Jordan calm down it's going to be ok. I walked to my spot on the field and got ready for running. The other team was laughing at us because we where girls and boys and they where all boys. One yelled girls can't play soccer I yelled but we can kick you butt. The reff bluw the whistle and we all ran. The boy that said girls can't play soccer had the ball I ran and got it then ran to our goal and shot it


Niall's P.O.V


  Me and the boys walk to the soccer fields to see a game going on I see a girl that jersey said Horan on it. We walk till I find Adriana a guy was with her he said Adriana it was nice seeing you she said you too Josh. He hugged her and walked away I walked over and said why is our kid playing on a boys team she said our kid made the cut so she got on the team. I said but girls and boys can't play on the same team she said well she does.


 We watch the game till the end which was Jordan's team winning. She ran over to Adriana and said mom can I go to Cameron's house please she said yes but you have to meet someone first. She said ok Adriana said Jordan this is your dad she looked at me. Jordan said how is he my dad you said I don't have a dad Adriana said he left us at first but he is back. She laughed and said he may be my dad but I don't care he wasn't here for 11 years I don't need him.


 Jordan walked off to a group of people I said wow how did she hate me so much. Harry said I don't know and Adriana said you where never in her life so bye and then she walked off. I looked at the boys and said will you guys help me to get my child back they said yes or sure. We stood up and got ready to leave when we where ready we left.



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