His kid

Niall's ex girlfriend Adriana had Niall's kid when they where 15 now they are 26 and she has their 11 year old daughter that Niall never know about. Their kids name is Jordan Horan she has blonde hair like her mom, blue eyes like here dad, and tan skin like her uncle.


2. School

 Jaime P.O.V

   I woke up  and started to get ready for school I got in the shower and then started to get dressed. I put on one of my football jersey's, a pair of high waisted shorts, convers, and a hoodie.  I brushed my hair which is long and blonde then pinned my bangs to the side. I walked downstairs and ate I yelled mom we have to go. My mom ran downstairs and said I have to ride the bus today I said ok and grabbed my bag and ran to the bus stop.

 My best friends Arianna, Camron , and Zack where down their. We got on and talked about Dollywood(look it up). I ran to them and hugged them each where going to Dollywood to day. Zack said hey skittles I said hey my ghetto superman he laughed. I said when are we going to Dollywood they said 9:00 am I said lets go to class then.

 When we got their Mrs. Droke my teacher said your late I said no your just early and seat beside Camron. I started to talk to her I said no I like food she said we all know. I said is that a fat joke she said your a bean pole I said no I'm not. She said you're a dork I said no I'm a nerd and I have glasses at home I just wore contacts to day. She said ok.

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