His kid

Niall's ex girlfriend Adriana had Niall's kid when they where 15 now they are 26 and she has their 11 year old daughter that Niall never know about. Their kids name is Jordan Horan she has blonde hair like her mom, blue eyes like here dad, and tan skin like her uncle.


3. Meet up

    Niall P.O.V


   I walked into Dollywood with the boys I saw a bunch of kids. The people with them where taking roll one said Jordan Horan a girl jumped up and said here then seat down. The little girl looked like my ex Adriana. When she walks off with a group I walk up to her and say how did you get your last name. She says I don't know as my mom and walks off I say what is you mom's name.

 She said Adriana Hanson and what is yours I say Niall Horan. She said ok and good bye and walked off. I grabbed out my phone and found Adriana's old number hope she still has this number. I called it and it rang 3 times she answered it.


 Adriana P.O.V

 Hello I say into my phone a man's voice says hey Adriana it's Niall can we meet up. I say sure where he says starbucks close to Dollywood I say ok. I hang up and got dressed then left I saw him their when I got their. He said I saw you kid why does she have my last name I said she is your child two.

 He says how I saw 11 years ago when were 15 we had "it" and you ran off befor I could tell you. He says you never tried to call or text I said lie I tried all the time and why would you care. He says I want to be in her life I said why now after never coming to find out he says because I want to see my kid. I say fine tonight at her soccer game you can meet her and her friends.

 He says ok and got up to leave I said and also if she doesn't like you don't try to force her. He said ok and walked away. Good I hate him why did I even tell him the truth I should of lied. I got up and paid Tyler the worker he is also like a uncle to Jordan.


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