His kid

Niall's ex girlfriend Adriana had Niall's kid when they where 15 now they are 26 and she has their 11 year old daughter that Niall never know about. Their kids name is Jordan Horan she has blonde hair like her mom, blue eyes like here dad, and tan skin like her uncle.


1. Jordan and Adriana

 Hey I'm Jordan Ann Horan don't know how I got it because my mom's last name is Hanson. I want a twin brother because I'm a only child. I love my three best friends Camron, Zack, Cloey, and Erika. Okay here is some about me I have blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, every one calls me a bean pole, I love to sing and dance, also I love my mum, and lastly I love sports and hate to much make up.


 Hey I'm Adriana Hanson don't ask my middle name because I hate it. I have one kid by Niall Horan yes the Niall Horan. He got me pregnant when I was 15 which was 11 years ago. I love my mum, dad, brother Luke, brother Jack, Jordan, my best friend Jaime, and my sister Cassie. Okay now what counts I have blonde hair, brown eyes, I have meat on my bones so I weigh 123 pounds, I love to sing and play soccer, and I love to wear dresses.


 Thank you if you think I should keep writing just tell me.

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