A secret kept to long

Lydia and Violet meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Draco's twin Jake. In a mysterious school with witches and wizards.


18. The not-so-perfect date for the not-so-perfect couple

Lydia's pov

I start walking down in wolf form when Jake starts to walk with me. What do you want Jake? I'm late for a forced date with your brother. "Well I thought you would like some juicy information about that idiot. I just saw him and his girlfriend in the hallway, but I also saw her kissing Blaise" ,Jake says. Hold on a second Jake. I'll be right back. So I walk behind a tree and change form. Then I walk back over to talk and he has vanished. Then I hear Draco yelling, "Are you coming, Mud-Blood?" "What's the matter Drakie-poo? Do you have a hard time getting rid of Hailey?" I apparently hit a nerve because he started to run at me. When he got within 3 feet of me, I ducked and stuck my foot out. Needless to say he fell on his face and stated that his father was going to hear about it. Then I ran into Honeydukes to buy some food, and just as I'm about to pay Draco says that he will pay for everything.


Draco's pov

I saw where Lydia went after she tripped me. So I ran to meet her in Honeydukes because I knew that she would buy any and all candy that she liked. So just as she goes to pay i have her put her money away. "Why would you pay for me? I thought you hated my life," she asked. "The only reason why I am paying is because Violet would kill me if I didn't." It hurt me to say it and she ran out crying with her candy in her purse. The clerk gave me my change and I chased after her or at least tried to. That girl is fast when she wants to be, but i wish she would let me explain. I still love her but Hailey wouldn't let me be with her. I hope I find her because my heart wouldn't let me live without her. After searching for what feels like hours, I find a pair of footprints that look like Lydia's. So I follow them and when I get to the end there's nobody. Then I hear someone softly crying to my right, and I don't see anybody until I move around to the back. It's Lydia as I thought, and I try to explain myself. My heart acted before I could even speak and the only thing I remember is kissing her right as it began to snow.


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