A secret kept to long

Lydia and Violet meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Draco's twin Jake. In a mysterious school with witches and wizards.


5. The hospital wing

Draco's pov

  Next thing I know I wake up in the hospital wing. My robes have a logo on it that I can't read, then I spot a card on the tray in front of me. It states that I'm in Slytherin, but I'm curious about everybody else so I get out of bed and read Jake's. He is in Slytherin with me, but I saw Lydia move her finger ever so slightly. I ran over and grabbed her hand, next thing I knew I heard, "Get away from her Malfoy!" I looked at the entrance to see George almost running to see her. When George got over to the bed I asked him why he cared, and it had occurred to me that she was important to him. "Look George, she is just as important to me as she is to you. And I know this because she told me about what happened between you two." I simply stated and his face was as red as rose. Then I heard a faint noise and I realized it was Lydia. I leaned in towards her and she said, "Draco... Malfoy." George asked what she said and I told him my name and he left in a rush. Violet woke up and Jake ran to her, but before he reached her she shot up out of bed and ran over to me and Lydia. She looked so upset because this has never happened apparently, but before we could see what houses they got we heard," Lydia and Violet are in Gryffindor. The Malfoy twins have Slytherin." We turned around to see Professor Dumbledore, and the reason why we knew is because he had one of those chocolate frog cards that had his name on it.

Lydia's pov

  When I flexed my finger I could tell Draco had ran and grabbed my hand because he had the gentlest side to him when I was around. Then I heard George yell, "Get away from her Malfoy!" then I heard Draco ask George why he should get away from me. I was shocked until I heard Draco say something about how I'm important to George and to HIM. then I had to stop this from becoming a fight so I tried to say Draco's name like normal but it wouldn't work. I said his name again, "Draco... Malfoy." George apparently heard as well, then Violet must have woken up because she ran over as well. That's all I remember because I then blacked out. Now I'm fully awake when I see Dumbledore looking at me with concerned eyes, but I see Violet crying and I say, "Vi, are you okay?" Before I know it I am surrounded by my friends and the headmaster. Dumbledore looks at me then asks me very quietly if I can touch  Draco's and Jake's shoulder and I don't think anything of it, until I touch their shoulders. I am now walking through the day that Violet left the Malfoy's house. I almost removed my hands then I see Draco, Jake, and Violet crying.


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