A secret kept to long

Lydia and Violet meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Draco's twin Jake. In a mysterious school with witches and wizards.


2. The day that changed their lives

( six years later)

Violet's pov

  Today is the day after living with the Malfoy's for six years I have to leave. When Draco came running in to my room crying I had to tell him not to worry because I knew that we were going to meet again. That was the first time I have ever faced the fact that I was leaving my friends. Next thing I know I'm downstairs in the living room saying goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy, when all of a sudden I hear, "please, don't leave!" I turn around and find Jake running at me like a bullet. I quickly braced my self for a tackle, but I was not prepared for the questions he asked. I quickly wiped the tears away and said," Jake, I'm sorry..." Draco finished my sentence for me," but she has no choice. She is being sent to a school where she will learn all the basic magic spells/skills." Lucius quickly agreed with Draco and sent me on my way, but he took some of my memories away of the family. I end up screaming because my worst fear has just come true, and I Next thing I know there is a man standing next to me. He says that his name is Sirius Black.

Lydia's pov

  I just finished packing my things when I hear, "So your finally leaving me?" I turn around and see George with a grim look on his face. I just drop whatever is in my hands and run into his arms. He released me from his grip, and I started to walk away when he grabbed my arm. He then turned me around, tilted my head up ever so slightly and kissed me. Needless to say that left me speechless and next thing I knew Fred was behind me giving me bunny ears. I turned around and turned his hair blue along with shrinking his clothes to where they were 3 sizes to small. I raced downstairs before Fred could grab my wrist, but ended up running into Ron and Ginny. They said," Hey, watch it! Wait, your running from Fred aren't you." "Yes I am, know can I get to the kitchen before he finds me?," I asked. They moved out of the way and I saw Molly with my bags all packed. She said with tears in her eyes "Time to go, Lydia. I hope the boys aren't pranking you, again." I use the Floo Powder, "12 Grimmauld Place." I say loud and clear. All of a sudden I see a girl next to an older gentleman that introduces himself as Sirius Black. The girl introduces herself as Violet, and I already have a good idea about what she is like. We shake hands and all of a sudden I'm walking through her memories about 2 boys named Draco and Jake Malfoy. It didn't take me long to trust her. She trusts me enough to let me in her mind which is what I find odd, but I just shrug it off because she looked like her life was nothing but trouble. She quietly asked me if I would like to pull a prank and I agree to help her pull the best prank on this guy Sirius.


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