A secret kept to long

Lydia and Violet meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Draco's twin Jake. In a mysterious school with witches and wizards.


6. The Common Room

Fred's pov

  I went to the common room and ended up crying because Violet was in the hospital wing and I wasn't allowed to se her. I hear someone walk in the room, so I turn around to see my brothers, Harry, Hermione, and Neville looking at me with genuine concern. George offered my a candy feeling very upset I took one, and I instantly regret it because the candy caused me to fall in love with the person of the opposite gender. I zoned out and the next person I saw was Angelina. She apparently had the same candy because we ended up flirting with each other, and after that we started dating each other.  So I broke up with Violet the day after Angelina and I started dating. Next thing I know I see Violet back in classes after a few days, and she starts hanging out with Jake. Lydia and George start having little fights because of what, I have no idea. After a few weeks I hear George yelling at Lydia so I grab the listening ears so I can hear better. This is all I hear, "How can you do this to me George? I actually believed you the day I left and know I find out that your dating a Slytherin... I can't lose you too because I already lost my parents and my only family I knew." in that instant I knew it was Lydia and she was crying. "Well next time you decide to chose Draco over somebody give them some warning, Lydia!" " I already told you the reason I said his name was to stop you from arguing over me, but who would ever listen to their little sister!?" I pulled out my wand and flashed in between them in order to stop Lydia from punching our ignoring brother, which startled them. I took Lydia and George's wand before they could hurt themselves our worse each other.

George's pov

  Next thing I knew Fred has my wand and gives me the dirty look like he heard every word of the argument. Lydia started apologizing to me with out moving her mouth, which I just know found out she could do. I asked her if we could be friends still and she accepted my apology. She must have told him what we just told each other because he gave us our wands then flashed out. Lydia then told me about how Draco had been acting around her recently, and I got furious because he basically told me that he loved Lydia. The next day we had classes and our class was DADA. I found out that Draco was in the class which set me on edge, but I promised Lydia that I wouldn't do anything stupid. "Welcome class I'm Professor Quirrell.  I hope you pay attention and pass this class with flying colors." He started giving out seats, and I heard that Draco was to sit next to Lydia. At that point in time another student came in she walked over to Quirrell and whispered something in his ear. She walked over to Draco and started talking to Lydia, and she got up and moved next to me. The professor asked her why she moved, but she couldn't talk so I said, "You read your list wrong," I quickly changed it to where she was next to me. He then said after looking at the list, " I guess your right Mr. Weasley, thank you," She thanked me and after the class was over she pulled me aside told me about Draco and that girl named Hailey.

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