A secret kept to long

Lydia and Violet meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Draco's twin Jake. In a mysterious school with witches and wizards.


19. Let the games begin!!

Violet's pov

I can't believe he actually kissed her. Draco would never do that unless he really loved her. I'm so glad that this happened because now I can use the rest of the polyjuice potion to my advantage. Just as I'm about to walk out of my new room, my dad is looking at me with an approving look. "Why are you looking at me like that, Dad?" "I have no idea what your talking about," he sarcastically replied. "Don't play coy with me because I can see the wheels in your head turning. Why are really here?" He simply shrugs and moves away from my new couch to reveal a ferret with a bow around it's neck. I go to give him a hug just as Lydia bursts into my room. " Violet guess wh..... Why is HE here?" "He came to give us our new objectives, Lydia. Why else would he be here?" Dad gives us 'new objectives' then leaves. After he is gone Lydia calms down enough to tell me what happened.


Lydia's pov

I hope Draco stops trying to take me away from George. The only reason why is because I am starting to forget about the bloody git. However, I have to see him everyday because I share a room with him. I can't believe he asked my to go out with him after all the damage he caused me. I tell Violet what happened and she absolutely freaks. We talk for a couple more minutes and then I leave to go back to my room. When I enter the room, I hear an argument between two people. I can hear the one voice clearly and sadly I know what they are arguing about. I gather my thoughts then I walk out into the open. Sadly I was right about the argument. Draco is lashing out at George because he is in the room. So, in order to stop it, I simply walk in front of George and kiss him. He immediately shuts up and responds by separating from me and kicking Draco out of the room while we talk. 

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