A secret kept to long

Lydia and Violet meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Draco's twin Jake. In a mysterious school with witches and wizards.


15. I regret joining already

Violet's pov

   I screamed because i was so startled. I was looking in a room full of presents that was split in half. " Happy birthday, Vi. I hope you know that you are the best sister anyone could ever have." Lydia said. I tackled her and said, " Right back at ya, sis." We started opening presents and when i got to mine from Lydia, I almost screamed because it was the most beautiful dress ever. then the next thing i know my dad has a complete body, and is telling me happy birthday. Then he told me that he wanted to speak to me alone. " I need that friend of yours, what's her name oh yeah, Lydia." "Why do you need her, dad?" " She is a werewolf like her father which is the key to my plan working, and when you go back I'll give the rest of the year to bring her to me." "What if she doesn't want to come?" " it's simple really, I get to have a new wolf fur on my wall." And with that he sends me back.

Lydia's pov

  Violet has been acting strange lately. I go to her in wolf form and she tells me to change into normal form. When i go to ask her why she says that it's none of my business. " Violet, why wont you talk to me? I mean if i did something to upset you i understand but after our birthday, that's strange even for you."  " I have a question for you. Will you join?" "what do you me... OH NO! I will not join when I'm already a part of the order. Why do you want to know?" She wouldn't say she just held out her hand, but before i could stop myself i touched her. I saw everything that happened between her and You-Know-Who. Draco came in right when i collapsed. " What do you mean a wolf fur on his wall !?" "Draco what is going on?" He looks at me with a sadness that i have never seen before. I get up and ask Violet if we can speak alone for a minute. " I am not joining unless my father gives me permission." " permission for what?" I hear my dad say and when i feel a hand on my shoulder, i know its him. i walked out of the room because it was to painful for me to ask. I hear my father say, " WHAT!" then after that he is so quiet that i can't hear him. Next thing i know i have a mark on my arm and i have the feeling that i am touching a electric fence.


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