A secret kept to long

Lydia and Violet meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Draco's twin Jake. In a mysterious school with witches and wizards.


13. humiliating the slytherin table

Violet's pov

   I was shocked at how Fred and George acted to Lydia's transformation. Lydia then looked at me and told me that when she walked in there was a package for her with an invisibility bracelet inside. She showed me the bracelet and i discovered that it broke into rings. We started down to the Great Hall. I created a shortcut that were right behind the Slytherin table. Before we entered the Great Hall, i asked Lydia for a ring and then told her to put one of them on. We walked into the hall and spotted the Malfoy's and the two clown's (Pansy and Hailey) i told her that she could worry about Draco and Hailey because she was not going to let me do that. I looked at Draco and his hair was turning blue and Hailey's hair was turning green. I decided to turn Jake's hair violet and Pansy's hair green. Lydia and I then walked out the main doors and took the rings off. We walked into the Great Hall and laughed at the Slytherins because well its Slytherin. Then I heard my name coming from the head table,  so I walk up to see Dumbledore say Lydia, Draco, and Jake's name along with a few other people. So they all walk up and we are informed about a new house being formed. He says that he will take us to it and he doesn't want to hear any complaints. We ended up complaining twice but when he looked back i could see that he was doing this for our own good. I looked back to talk to Lydia about his attitude and she was gone, so i just kept walking because I thought she had the invisibility ring on.   

Draco's pov

   I had to talk to her but how. There is no way that she would listen to me, but i had to try. We were going to be escorted to the new house when i saw an empty hallway i grabbed Lydia and dragged her back. " What was that for, Malfoy? Are you going to hex me?" she said. "No Lydia listen to me ple..." "Listen to you when you openly broke my heart no way. I would rather die than listen to you." I see George coming down the hallway and i say, " What do you want weasel." Lydia and George have a private conversation with out even moving their mouth. Then Lydia, right in front on me, kisses him. I was not happy because she was supposed to be mine not his. They left and Jake found me and took me to the new common room.



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