A secret kept to long

Lydia and Violet meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Draco's twin Jake. In a mysterious school with witches and wizards.


17. Draco is going to flip

Violets pov

  I saw Draco go up then i went up to Hailey and got a hair from her for Lydia to at least kiss him with out being humiliated, so i met her in one of the hallways so she could easily track him down. " You will need to act like and sound like Hailey in order for this to work." " Ok, what if he suspects its me and exposes me? I need a plan here because its nerve wrecking." I tell her that i have a video camera and the next thing i know i spot him, so i push her out into the hallway. I am not recording her like she told me to because i could her Hailey's thoughts about kissing Blaise. I got her on camera but Draco will never believe it. I saw Lydia kiss him out of the corner of my eye and I have to smile because they are so cute together. Soon she is walking over and blushing like there is no tomorrow. "Did you get it?," "No, not really, but I got something better." "Let me guess, Hailey is cheating on Draco with Blaise." i just played the footage and she said bye and ran to Hogsmeade.

George's pov

  It's about time she cheated on him because now he could get a taste of his own medicine. I stood up, walked over to Jake and told him about Hailey. He then excused himself and went up to Dumbledore then went running out of the doors, being curious I followed him. I found a wolf with golden fur walking into Hogsmeade along with Jake who seemed to be talking to it. I was shocked but i didn't say anything or try and hurt it. " Hello, George. What are you doing out here without a coat on?" " I am just concerned about Lydia because she has been acting strange, Violet." and with that i left for my classes.

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