A secret kept to long

Lydia and Violet meet Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Draco's twin Jake. In a mysterious school with witches and wizards.


1. The two siblings

Voldemort's pov

       I hope I can make it to the hospital in time, he thought to himself. I got to the hospital and I ran to the nurses desk. "Can I help you sir?'' The nurse on duty asked. "Yes, can you tell me which room Mrs. Riddle is in?", I asked. She said room 213 on the 5th floor, I quickly thanked her and ran. I arrived in my wife's room where she was holding a baby girl. Then, without looking up from the child she said, "Her name is Violet... Violet Riddle." "That is a wonderful name. May I ask why Violet?" She simply said that I would find out in time. The next few days were a blur, but Mary and I seemed to make it through.

Lupin's pov

     Mary and I rushed to the hospital, as we arrive the nurse asked me her status. I said," She is in contractions 2 minutes apart." The next thing I knew Mary is being run down to the delivery room. Two minutes later I hear," Mr. Lupin, your wife is okay, and congratulations. It's a baby girl and she named it Lydia."  I asked him what room and when I got to the room, Mary was asleep with Lydia in her arms. One of the nurses came in she informed me that they would be able to come home in a day or two. When we got home, it was a little difficult but we seemed to make it.

(Two Years later)

Voldemort's pov

    I need to tell her to hide our daughter from me because I don't want to hurt her. " Mary, can you come here please? I have something important to tell you." I said. She walked into the room with Violet in her arms. "What is it, Tom?" she asked while deep in thought. I apologized to her for not telling her sooner, but I told her to take Violet to the Malfoy residence. "Okay, but only if you tell me what is going on with you lately." I promised her I would, but  I knew that I wouldn't be able to keep that promise. She no sooner got back when I pulled out my wand before she could say a word I shouted, "Avada Kedavra!!" I had just killed my only wife, but the thing that mattered to me was that my daughter was safe.

Lupin's pov

    Mary told me to take Lydia to the Weasley's because she wasn't feeling well for the past day and a half. I finally got to the Weasley's, and just by sheer luck I saw Molly outside with Ron at her feet playing with the clean clothes. " Molly, can you help me?" She turned at the sound of her name. " Remus, is that you with little Lydia?'' We quickly ran in to the house where Arthur had a grim look on his face like he  knew what was going on. Fred and George had just come downstairs when I set Lydia down, and they dyed her hair to look like a red head permanently. I asked them if they would like to take care of Lydia because of what I had just discovered last night. "What did you find out last night that would make you give up Lydia?" they asked with great curiosity. "I am a werewolf, and I can't control myself around the family." They agreed to take care of my little Lydia and with that I left.

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