over agian

after her death of her beloved father Lana's mother insists on there move to England. will theses four boys make her stay more bearable. but once reunited with an old fling will things be the same?


3. 2


i had finished unpacking my stuff. and was getting ready for my jog. i put my hair into a bun and locked my door. i took off running from the right. i ran into the town. it reminded me of an old historical town. i looked at all the old shops. they didnt really entertain me. so i keep running and soon came across a school. it was huge. i looked up to see a sign that said "blue cross academy" i started running agian. i decided that it was getting late and that i should probily start going home. once in my neighbor hood i saw this boy who looked to be my age in front of his lawn.

"hello!" he called out. which i thought he was calling to someone else. i stopped running for a while and looked around.

i heard him chuckle

"yes im talking to you."

"oh sorry."

"are you new here?" he asked interested.

"oh yes me and my mother just moved here." i said truthfully. then i looked behind him and saw his house. it was huge but sadly my house was bigger. i still dont understand why we need such a big house.

"so your new? then you must be lana." he said.

"umm how did you know that?" i asked a bit creeped out.

"im not a stalker or anything." he said reading my mind

"its a small town so the only new families are your and the styles. and im pretty sure your not harry so i just though."

"oh" i said it all making sense now.

"yes im liam, liam payne. my father runs the school called 'blue cross academy." he said as i just stared at him and relized his features. he had honey like welcoming eyes and he had very little hear and he also had a stuble developing on his chin and jaw lines. almost like a beard.

"well you already know who i am so i see no point." i smiled at him.

"mmh i heard you ran into horans boy and the malik troubled some son." whoa theres no secrets in this town.

"umm yes how did you know that."

"that horan boy doesnt know how to keep anything to himself. even if his life depended on it. " he said refering to niall.

"oh well i should go home my mom is probily waiting for me." i lied knowing that, that women probily wont be home till 11:00 like she has been.

"no shes not but its ok this confersashion was coming to an end anyways." he said quite harsh.

i ignored him and continued till i got home. once home i stripped of my sweaty clothes i got into the shower and let the cold water run all over my body. once finally clean agian i went down stairs to make me something to eat.

once it hit nine i decided to go to bed and left a note to my mom saying to not forget that we need to register me tomorrow.

*next day*

i woke up at 8:00am to start getting ready for the day. my out fit consited of black skinny jeans and a red vintage shirt and wore my choker.

i went down stairs to see my mother cooking. so she didnt forget.

"hey are you excited for your new school?" she asked excited...as always.

"i guess." i said my mind still foggy since i wasnt a morning person.

"seems like your already popular there. i heard you were talking to the deens son the other day. he said you were quite rude. "

"pfft i was the rude one?" i scoffed

"yes my dear daughter you need to learn to be more kind." my mom said.

"sorry i dont flirt with every living thing that has a penis like some people." i said referring to her.

" oh hush and eat your breakfast so we can take you."

i rolled my eyes at her and finished the meal.

once we were at the school we walked straight to the deens offiice.

"hello im lana's mother Catherine. you must be?" the women who i resembled so much said.

"ah hello im mr. payne." he said with a beautiful smile on his face.

"please sit." he said while gesturing to the seats in front of us.

he started explaing the rules to the school my mom signed some papers and we were done.

they said there good byes and we were off to go to my first class. it was the middle of the day so i had to go to third period.

i walked in and saw a familiar faces. of course it was Niall and zayn. and i also saw liam sitting on the edge with two boys in the middle. i noticed the curles on one head but didnt notice the 5th boy.

"oh hello you must be the new student lana right." as soon as the teacher had said that everyone looked towards the back of the room.

and i was right i new the curls. it of course was the one and only harry styles. and next to him was the boy i still didnt know. i saw niall smile and zayn and liam rolled there eyes.

"well are you going to stand there or actually choose a seat?" i heard liam say.

"ah yes plese choose a seat and sorry about my boy liam here have his seat since hes been so rude." the fith boys said.

"oh no i couldnt do that ill just choose a seat at the back"

"ah well very well then, im louis, louis tomlinsion. your the girl that took my place at the top?" he asked envy clear in his voice.

"umm no." i said clueless.

"no? but i was pretty sure your mother makes more than my father does? isn't that right?" he asked not interested.

"umm well you see i really dont know." i said truthfully.

"no her mother slept her way to the top." i heard that raspy voice i grew to hate.

i turned around and sure enough it was harry.

"but of course your no different now are you?" he asked.

"what do you mean? ive never slept with anyone." i said but regreted it almost instatly.

"oh no? so you dont remeber me riding you and taking you from behind making you cum every time we fucked? or when you gave me that amazing blo-"

"ok ok enough we dont need to hear the rest." i heard zayn cut him off.

"harry i changed. and now i know to never sleep with someone that doesnt even know how to give decent head" i said and choose my seat in the back.

great i was going to enjoy this school year.

"does someone really change that much since fresh man year?" i heard a wispered voice next to me. i turned and unexpectedly it was liam. how does he seem to know every thing.

that class went by slowly. the teacher was nice to me and didn't give me or harry homework since we were new. liam just sat next to me the whole class and didnt even bother to say any thing to me.

after third period it was lunch. i had made no attempts to make friends. and the only people i knew which were niall and zayn had been so fasinated in harry.

i choose to skip lunch and introduce myself to my 1st and 2nd period teachers along with my home room teacher.

i was walking out of my second period class when i accidentally bumped into someone.

"oh im so sorry i didnt mean to bump into you" i heard the person say while helping me up and my books that he had knocked out.

"its ok." i said trying to get away.

"hey i know you."

"oh no you dont."

"yes i do your the new girl right? i heard you transfered here with the styles boy." he explained.

"oh well yea thats me then." i said finally looking up to get a glance at the person i was speaking to. and i saw a boy with shaggy brown hair with sparkling blue eyes.

"hey im declan, declean coin." he said. coin why did that name sound familiar?

"oh well im lana grossa." i trembled at my last name. my father was a great man but was cursed with a terrible last name.

"well lana are you in my mothers class?"

wait what his mothers class? then i relized it my second period teacher was mrs. coin

"umm yea i am actually for second period. "

"ahh just my luck i also have her for second period." he smiled.

"do you have any plans right now?"

"umm no why?"

"well i want to hang out with you, ya know like get to know you." he said.

"oh well umm no not actually." i said truthfully.

"oh great let me just drop off my moms lunch and we can leave the campus to go get coffee or something." he smiled while walking into the class room behing me.

it took him two minutes to be exact and he was back. we left the campus and headed into the nearest coffee shop. we sat and talked for a while. and honestly it felt good to actually talk to some one.

"ahh look at the time we chatted are time away, shall we go so were not late to fourth period."

"umm sure." i said not wanting to be late to class.

he walked me to class and we took are seprate ways. i walked in and saw no one i knew. i would at least be able to enjoy this class. once the bell rang a sweaty harry apeared at the door way. so i spoke to soon.

"your late and on your first day. not a good impression." the teacher said harshly.

"sorry i ran into another teacher that knew my mother." he said, which i knew was a lie because the only person his mother knew was mine. but the teacher bought it.

"so did you sleep with that guy that walked you to class?" i heard a wisper from behind me. i tuned to revel a very angry harry.

" and if i did how would you know that?" i teased knowing that he was very territorial even though me and him never really had any thing.

"liam told me now did you sleep with him?" he said more agreeably now.

"no." i said bluntly waiting for this conversation to end.

"oh by the way my family is coming to your house for dinner. I'll bring the condom." he said into my ear.

"no harry im not going to have sex with you im done with you i dont want you anymore i found something better , or someone." i said trying to get him mad.

i heard him huffed and stayed silent.

the rest of the day went by slow. i didn't have Declan in any of my other classes. but my mother of course for got to pick me up so i had to go walking.

its not like i blame her my dad always used to pick me up. but she still should have at least remebered.

i walked home and heard some one cooking in the kitchen. oh great if this women is cooking im not eating diner.

but little to my suprise it wasnt her.

"hello im toby." he said politly. i took in his features and he had black curly hair with a quiet big nose but that didnt take away from his brown choclate eyes that looked kind but dangerous at the same time.

"are you lana because i was told the only other person that lived in this house was lana and if your not lana that is going to make things tuff on me." he rambled on.

"oh no im lana."

"oh great im your new butler. but your mum keeps calling me her maid. say do you know how many people im cooking for?" he asked.

"well its usually me and my mother but since the styles are coming over i think that its going to be two since gemma is off to collage and the father was never really in the picture so four" i said truth fully.

"very well then i should get cooking then." he said and left into the kitchen.

once into my room i got ready and heard my mother come home. she got ready herself and once she had finished the door bell rang as if on quee.

she ran down the stairs as if she was a child. i met her down stairs right when she was going to open the door we were meeted to a very well dressed anne, and a smirking harry.

(A/N: well hello there to my fellow readers on wattpad. if you are confued or curious what declan, toby, lana, and lana's mother here it is:

lana: saoirse ronan

lana's mother cathrine: lea thompson

declan: landon liboiron

toby: toby sebastion)

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