over agian

after her death of her beloved father Lana's mother insists on there move to England. will theses four boys make her stay more bearable. but once reunited with an old fling will things be the same?


2. 2


lana's pov

i woke up to chattering out side of my window.

"honestly how careless is this women she wants us to drop off her shit and she doesn't even bother to open the door."

then it hit me these men talking might be the moving guys. i looked at my side when a clock stood. oh god i over slept. i ran down stairs with my rob only over one arm. i fix my hair and open the door to be faced by two men.

"oh look at that she fianlly opened the door." said a tanned boy. who may i add was very rude. next to him stood a blonde haired boy.

"ayee at least she opened it so we dont have to stay out here any longer." he said quiet cheerfully. i noticed how these boys were very different attitude wise. i also noticed how the blonde one had a thick irish accent.

"hello im lana if you want you can just leave all the stuff in the living room if you need me you can just holler." i said while turning around so i can get ready for the day.

once i took a shower and was dressed in black skinny jeans and a tank top i went down stairs to see if those moving guys were still here. to my luck they were. i caught a glimpse of there conversation.

"i dont like her i think shes rude and has no manners" i heard one of them say. my guess it was the tanned skined boy. he should be the one to talk.

"i like her i think shes pretty cute." said an irish voice. my guess it was the blonde one. having his accent give him away.

"do you think shes going to blue cross academy."

"i hope not and you think everyone is cute."

blue cross academy? when i thought about it my mother never did tell me the name of the school im going to. note to self to ask that women.

"hello." i said while walking around the wall i was hiding behind.

"you two seem very kind but I'm sorry i don't recall i got your names. mind telling me them?" i asked trying to sound polite.

"um im niall" the blonde one spoke blushing. i turned to the tanned skined one who was staring at my chest.

" may i help you." i said harsh. i hated when men starred at my chest. it was rude. in my opinion it was at least.

"im zayn" he said not even noticing my face and starring at my chest like he had for the past minute.

"well I'll leave you two to work." i said while turning around to go put on a tee shirt since "zayn" didnt stop starring at my chest.

"wait." i heard a voice behind me.

"i know its non of my buisness but will you be attending the same school as us?"

the blonde boy niall had asked.

"and what school is that?"

"blue cross Academy of course it's the only school close to here. i heard that your already popular there. might as well go."

"what do you mean im already popular there?" i asked since ive only been here for one day.

"oh you dont know, your the richest family as of right now."

"what do you mean im the part of the richest family its only my mother and i."

"well before you it was louis and hes father told him that there now the second richest family he told one of his closets friends and he's friend told everyone. honestly people are so excited to meet you. your the talk of right now." he explained. i was clearly shocked was my moms boss willing to make her the richest person in town just to have my mom.

now that i think of it who wouldn't fall head over heels for my mom she had orange with a hint of hair so it was impossible to miss her in a crowd. and she also had these amazing green eyes that she got from her father. she was incredibly fit. she had curves and only the good ones if you know what i mean.

"so are you." niall asked driving me out of my thoughts.

"oh I'll have to see if my mother wants me to but if i do then ill be sure to look for a niall." i said with a smile on my face.

"if you do make sure to ask for a niall horan. not to brag but my family is pretty big there." he said obvouisly bragging.

"oh really how's that?" i teased.

"well my brother and father and generations from there where the star athletes." he explained proud.

"are you a star athlete?"

"oh yes" he said with a huge grine.

"well im sure i wont forget you but how did you get stuck in a job like this with him?" i asked clueless and refurring to zayn.

"oh well he's my best friend every since we were kids. and his father insisted on getting a job. and since hes dad runs almost every buisness in town he made him get the most dread full one. moving heavy boxes all morning. and zayn told me that if i didnt get the job with him that he was going to go insane since he doesn't really have that many close friends and he doesn't really get along with other people and i figured why not he does get into a lot of arguments but im always there to pull him out." he said while looking over at zayn who was getting all fussy because the boxes weren't neat.

"well i have to go before he brakes any of your guys things." he smiled while walking away.

the boys had left a while back. my mother has yet to come home.

it was 11:00 pm when i heard the front door open.

"oh hey honey your still up?" said the women i had to call my mother.

"yes." i said not interested in her. she plopped her self on the couch right next to me.

"how was work?" i asked trying to be nice.

"oh it was crazy i met all these new people and guess who also got transfered?" she asked me.

"umm i dont know why dont you tell me?" i aksed her as if she was a child.

"THE STYLES!!!!" she explained happily.


"im right here theres no point in screaming and looking like a child." i told her while holding my ear.

"oh sorry but aren't you excited you and harry can be each others first friends."

oh great im stuck with the brat for another four years. my mother became friends with a nice women on the streets while we were shopping at beverily hills. she was also a business women. the became best friends. i was seven at the time. my mother learned that she had a son the was also seven she insisted that we be friends and so we went on play dates. he was a kind child. intill middle school. he became a flirt and he totally acted as if i didnt excist. i refused to make myself look pathetic so i grew to hate him. thats that.

i said my good nights to my mother. and went upstairs. i instanly went to sleep right after removing my days clothes. and feel asleep. i had plenty of things to do tomorrow. mostly unpacking and i planned on going for a jog to get to know the neighbor hood. i feel asleep with out a care in the world.

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