over agian

after her death of her beloved father Lana's mother insists on there move to England. will theses four boys make her stay more bearable. but once reunited with an old fling will things be the same?


1. 1


lana's POV

i awoke to an empty room filled with nothing but moving boxes. then it all hit me. how could i forget we were moving today. where to you ask? well my mother had insisted she keep it a secret and have it a suprise for me intill we reached the air port. but ever since my dad had died she was constantly working. and I'm pretty sure this move had something to do with her job. after all that's all she has been doing. but i cant blam her i havent really been doing my job as a daughter. i havent really spoken to any one since my fathers passing. he was my only friend. as weird as it sounds he was the only persons company i actually enjoyed. but now that had to come to a stop. my mom has though that i have become depressed. she actually wanted me to see a therapist. but since i never really attended any of these sessions she wants me to go to. i dont cut and i dont have any suicidal thoughts so her trying to do this is actually pointless. but she thinks that this move will help me get over my fathers death. ive actually been running to get my fathers death out of my mind. but of course my mother thinks that its just because im trying to get in shape. though my body was never really out of shape i have noticed a big amount of change in my body.

we've been in the air port for about 30 minuties now. my mother insisted that we come here early. so since then I've relized that we are moving to london, england. great right? or so you would expect. i honestly done want to be sourrounded by a bunch of stuck up english kids because they think that they are cool because they have british accents. even though I've never met an english person. who im i to judge right. even though all the "famous" people are quite rude. we finally bored the plane. and where off on our way to this great land.

*after plane ride*

instead of going to our new home that my mothers work had provided for us she insists that we get a car. after hours of paper work that my mother dealed with we where finally off to our new home. i had of course being in love with sleep feel asleep during the car ride. we finally pulled up to a drive way and houlted to a stop. i looked up at the new place ill have to call my home for now. it looked like an old castel that you see in one of those movies.

"its great isnt it? my boss insisted on giving us this house and he even provided furniture for us."

she explained while i was still observing the house. her boss obvouislty wanted to get laid by her and go to all cost to do so. i huffed at her while she was clueless to her boss' attempts. though im sure that there will be more attempts.

"its great can we go in now" my voice hardly come out a wisper.

"oh yes of course. you must be so tired. go get some rest. I'll carry your suitcase in and dont forget that while im at work tomorrow that the moving guys are coming so be so kind and open the door for them will you?"

"yes Catherine" i told her while getting my suitcase even though she so kindly offered to carry for me i knew she would forget and take it with her tomorrow to work in the car we had just purchased.

"what did i tell you about calling me that? why wont you call me mom? you did when your father was alive." she saisd clearly frustrated.

i turned around slowly showing her that i was not afriad of her.

" becuase when my dad was alive you were a diffrent person you were an actually excuse for a living being now i have no clue who you are you have completely changed and let your daughter suffer thinking that it was well to leave her emotions in the hands of a man she hardly new! thats why i refuse to call you a mother because you have been drowning yourself in your work you dont even bother to knowledge your own daughter and when you do have free time you drown that in alcohol and come home with a different man everytime."

i said harshly while opening the front door and walking in to be meeted by a huge sized living room with a chandelier hanging. in the middle of it all with two stair cases at each end of the room and coming to a met at the top. i walked up one side and searched for a room. after walking into three difrent room with no luck i decided to go back into the main room that i was meeted to a few moments ago. when i was there i noticed furnitre lining up the room. on one of the couches i saw a crying person. instantly knowing who it was because of the orange with a hint of red haired women. i sadly inherited from her. there for making us look even more similar.

i walked down slowly. hoping she didnt hear me.

" why are you crying" i said while looking down at her. she looked up almost instantly.

"oh lana I'm so sorry i didn't know you felt that way. i didn't mean to forget about you." she said.

"well i never said anything about you forgetting about me but obvously i know now you have."

" oh no i didnt mean it like that. i-i just im sorry" she sobbed.

"wheres my room?" i asked now growing tired of her act of some tye of sorrow for her.

"you are a truly heartless person." she said ignoring my question.

"well you did raise me after all. now where is my room?"

"take the stair case on the right and its the third door." she said trying to contol her sobs.

"thank you." i said.

"on wendsday we are going to register you to school." she yelled behind me.

i shrugged her off and made my way to my new room. that gave me three days to relax. considering it was sunday. i laided down on the queen sized bed in my room. i didn't realize how empty it was in here all it had was a bed and the bed header with two dressers on the side. with a huge dresser in front of the whole room with a door on the right. when i had opened the door it reviled a walk in closet that was the size of my old room. i soon noticed another door and opened it. now revilling a bathroom with a huge bathtub that could be the size of a jecuzzy. i walked out and changed into my sleeping clothes that i had packed in the suitcase for three days intill the rest of the stuff came. that reminded me that i needed to wake up early for the people who will drop off the rest of our beloved belongings tomorrow.

i yawned and feel asleep .

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