2nd Generation

hi my name is claire i'm 14 years old dirty blonde hair deep brown brown eyes oh btw Zayn malik and perrie Edwards are my parents first day at real school here goes nothing.


1. Chapter 1

Claire's pov.

Hi my name is Claire i'm 14 year young and basicly today is my firdt day at school so enough about me lets get back to the story.


beep beep beep ugh stupid alarm clock i mumbled from my face smashed into my pillows, Claire wake up my mom yelled your going to be late for your fisst day at school. I jumped up right then how could i forget today is my first day at school btw i know what your think i have never been to school before and i'm 14 ha ha no. All my life i have been home schooled today i'm going to a private school. i rushed to my walk in clost and picked out a cute white tank with a weird print and the top redish shorts white sandels redish and white braclets and mint green earings (picture at bottem of pg) i rushed downstairs and grabbed an apple then raced out the door. Charlie our driver was waiting for me hey i said as i got in the back seat.

hello claire excited for your first day at school yep why wouln't i I answered back just at that moment i noticed we wern't the only people in the car. There was 4 other kids sitting in the van i screamed and that car stopped charlie asked whats wrong and i screamed back some random kids are in our car. he just looked at me with a puzzled face along with everyone else.

Claire havent you met them before i shook my head quickly back and fourth. These are you dad's bandmates kids.

WHAT i yelled

But then was cut off by a boy sitting next who had blonde lshort spiked hair and blue eyes saying his name was james hi my name is claire i said back still afraid. But then was soon wrapped into a giant bear hug oh btw nial's my dad he said the smile not leaving his face. How am i going to make it through the day i thought to my self.


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