Pass Me By

When her parents decide that it's best to send her over seas to a boarding school, Samantha finds herself drawn to the late night fights. With an ocean between her and her controlling parents she decides to have some fun, even if it causes a few problems. Then again how much trouble can she get in having a male for a roommate? Well soon they become close friends and he introduces her to the boxing world. She starts to enjoy this mistake her parents made, because now she has more friends than ever and she's even learning things about herself that she didn't know before. But the more she digs about her family the more she starts to regret. When one secret pops up that she was never meant to find out will it destroy her?


22. You're who?

Samantha's POV:

"Will you be ready?" Niall asked. 
Would I be? I mean I've seen the boys work out so many times and I have trained with them a few times but last time was on the spring on the moment kinda deal. This time who knows who I'll be facing. I could be facing an actual girl boxer that won't care if I'm new or not. She'll want to see bloodshed and I'll be left for dead. My stomach started turning as I kept thinking more and more about it. 

"Of course she will be." Drew smiled breaking my thoughts. I'm glad someone has faith in me. He seems to always think the best of me even though I doubt myself a lot. 

"Did you not see what she did to that...." Welsey mumbled but stopped, so I turned my head to see Luke and Harry walking towards us. I started laughing which made all the boys turn and stare at me. 

"What?" I giggled. 

"Why are you laughing?" Harry questioned.

"Because I can." I sassed. 

"What did y'all say?" Luke asked taking a seat right next to me. His arm was on the table next to mine and I couldn't help but stare at it wanting to hold it. 

"Nothing..." Wesley muttered. 
"Liar.." Harry groaned. 

"We were just talking about the match." I said. "And how there's no one better for the main event than I." I smirked as Wesley choked on his drink. Harry had a smug grin on his face as he chuckled. 

"Sweetie you're second best." He winked at me. Why did that anger me? Why all of a sudden was he calling me second best? I understand that he thinks that he's so amazing but still. That's when Luke wrapped his arm around my shoulder. The anger seemed to disappear as I turned towards him surprised. All the guys stared at us with curious eyes. 

"Actually I disagree Harry. I believe Sam is number one." He smiled. 

"Are you saying that because you believe in her skill or is it because you finally got inside her pants?" Harry muttered. 

"That's crossing the line Styles." Drew growled standing up fisting his hands. 

"Don't get mad because he got the girl. We all knew it was going to happen." Wesley muttered. 

I was speechless. I mean I had no idea what to say because I didn't want to make anything worse. I looked up and my eyes locked with Liam. It looked like he was trying to figure out what was the real truth in this. That's when I got the guts and stood up surprising everyone. 

"I am not with anyone and Luke picked me because he believed in my skills because I proved myself when I beat that stupid little skank you dated Hazza." I growled before storming away from everyone leaving them all speechless. About a block away I was so into my thoughts that I wasn't paying any attention and ran into a female. 

"Oh I'm so sorry!" I apologized as I helped her back to her feet. 

"No no it's okay I wasn't paying any attention where I was going." She softly smiled at me. 

"Are you sure it wasn't me? Because I wasn't paying any attention either.." I chuckled nervously. 

"Maybe it was just fate." She giggled. 
I smiled softly. 

"I'm Anya by the way." She smiled extending her hand. 

"Sam." I smiled taking her hand and shaking it. 

"Oh you're the girl my boyfriend keeps talking about!" She gasped. 

"Are you sure?" I questioned. 

"Your last name is Kyle right?"


"Then I am 100% sure it's you!"

"I hope it's all good things.." I joked. 

"It is!" She smiled. 

"Wait who is your boyfriend?" I questioned. 

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