Pass Me By

When her parents decide that it's best to send her over seas to a boarding school, Samantha finds herself drawn to the late night fights. With an ocean between her and her controlling parents she decides to have some fun, even if it causes a few problems. Then again how much trouble can she get in having a male for a roommate? Well soon they become close friends and he introduces her to the boxing world. She starts to enjoy this mistake her parents made, because now she has more friends than ever and she's even learning things about herself that she didn't know before. But the more she digs about her family the more she starts to regret. When one secret pops up that she was never meant to find out will it destroy her?


9. Who's that Girl?

Samantha's POV:

My mouth gasped open as the crowd roared with excitement. He did it. Harry did it. I ran into the ring and threw my arms around his neck. After a minute or two he hugged me back but soon pulled away. I was confused at first until I saw another girl wrap her arms around him. I slid out of the ring without taking my eyes off of him. 

"Who's that?" I asked Luke.

"Victoria." He smiled.

"Who's Victoria?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Harry's soon to be girlfriend." Drew said hugging me.


"You didn't know?" Wesley asked.

"You're not jealous are you?" Luke smirked.

"No I didn't know and of course I'm not jealous." I crossed my arms and bite my lip a bit frustrated. 

"Good because I have something to talk to you about when we get home." Luke smiled at me before walking towards Harry and that ugly chick.

"Want me to walk you home?" Wesley offered. 

"No it's fine." I smiled at him before giving him and Drew a hug then heading out of the gym. Maybe I should have had one of the guys walk me home because outside the gym was Liam leaning against his car with some of his buddies and some girls.

"What's your name anyway?" He asked staring at me. 

"Sam." I sighed. 

"Wait you're the Sam that's roommates with Luke Hemmings?" The blonde one asked.

"Yeah that's me, is that a problem?" 

"No I ju-" He muttered.

"I know you thought I was a dude. I get that all the time it's fine." I smiled to reassure him. 

"My name is Niall." He smiled at me.

"Nice to meet you." I said before walking away. I know I shouldn't be making friends with them but for some reason I couldn't help it. 

"Need a lift?" Liam asked. 

"Should I trust you?" I rose my eyebrow.

"I promise I won't let him touch you." Niall reassured. 

"Fine then I'll take you up on that offer." I smiled. 

 They drove me home while talking about how stupid Liam was to face Harry in a boxing match. I agreed with them on that but said he had balls to try. Then the subject about what I was to Harry came up. I wanted to disappear when I thought about that Victoria girl kissing him the way I kissed him before the match. 

"I'm just a friend..." I muttered.

"You don't seem happy about that." Niall frowned looking at me. 

"It's nothing really." I smiled at him. "You know you could become a good boxer if you trained." I said looking at Liam. 

"You think so?" He looked back at me as he pulled up to my dorm. 

"Yeah I really do." I smiled at him. 

"But don't you need a coach?" Niall asked.

"I'll be your coach!" I said before I realized what had just slipped out of my lips. 

"Really?" They gasped.

"Sure why not." I smiled.

"Then I'll do it!" Liam said.

"Awesome but you might want to find a gym because  I know the boys will never accept you in." I said getting out of the car. 

"Text us." Niall said hanging me their numbers.

"Okay I just might." I smiled at them before they drove off. I walked inside to find Ashton and Selena making out on the couch. "Eww!" I squealed trying to cover my eyes but failing majorly. They pulled away from each other quickly each turning a bright red color. 

"Who won?" Ashton asked.

"Harry. When did this happen?" I asked pointing at them.

"A few weeks ago..." Selena muttered.

"And you didn't tell me?" I tried to act offended. 

"We were afraid how you'd react." 

"But I am you best friend!" 

"We're sorry Sam." Ashton said. I sighed and plopped down onto the couch next to Selena. 

"It's fine guys." I smiled at them softly.

"Who's numbers are those?" Selena gasped taking the paper from my hand. "Isn't this the dude Harry just fought?"


"Why do you have his number?" Ashton asked.

"Because he and his friend drove me home." I said. "And I am going to be their couch." 

"What?!" They both gasped. 

"Harry will be so angry!" Ashton said.

"And Luke man he'll be pissed." Selena shook their heads.

"First off who cares, second Harry has a girlfriend! And I can handle Luke." I said. 

"So you found out about Victoria?" Ashton sighed.

"Who's Victoria?" Selena questioned.

"His soon to be girl." I rolled my eyes.


I was about to say something but we heard the front door start opening. I looked back at them and whispered to not say a word about anything about the guys. 

"Hey there you are." Luke smiled at me.

"Yeah here I am." I smiled awkwardly at him. 

"Some of the guys and I were thinking that maybe we should make you a coach." He said walking into the kitchen.

"Isn't that convent.." Ashton muttered but I shot him a glare and he shut up. 

"Do you really think so?" I asked going into the kitchen.

"Yeah I think you've been around the guys long enough to help them. Plus it'll be easier for me if I have a partner like you." He smiled. 

"How could I say no." I smiled at him feeling a pit grow inside me. He kissed my forehead before heading to his room. I turned around letting out a sigh. 

"Can you really handle this Sam?" Ashton asked.

"Of course." I lied.

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