Pass Me By

When her parents decide that it's best to send her over seas to a boarding school, Samantha finds herself drawn to the late night fights. With an ocean between her and her controlling parents she decides to have some fun, even if it causes a few problems. Then again how much trouble can she get in having a male for a roommate? Well soon they become close friends and he introduces her to the boxing world. She starts to enjoy this mistake her parents made, because now she has more friends than ever and she's even learning things about herself that she didn't know before. But the more she digs about her family the more she starts to regret. When one secret pops up that she was never meant to find out will it destroy her?


20. Secrets.

Luke's POV:

I stared at my ceiling as I traced my finger over my lips. I was still having trouble believing what she did. She kissed me. Of all girls Samantha Kyle kissed me! Of course I didn't forget the last time I kissed her, I just figured that since it was never brought up that she regretted me doing it and wanted to forget it ever happened. 

I sighed and rolled over onto my side. The picture of her kissing me rolled around in my mind like a track set to repeat. Her beautiful blue eyes glimmered in a way I have never seen before. I groaned as I felt my stupid heart start to pound again. It's been close to two years since the day she moved in. Two long years of me suffering with these stupid feelings I keep locked up inside. I try to hide and deny it by bringing girls here and making out with them. Yet every time I see that look in her face the guilt starts to eat away at me until I decide I can't handle it anymore and go see Zayn for some weed. I'm glad she doesn't know about the weed because I know it'd up hurting her even more. I grumbled and closed my eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep for the night. 



I flickered my eyes up as the smell of fresh blueberry pancakes filled my nose. I sat up and brushed my hand through my hair before walking to the kitchen to find Sam covered in pancake batter. I start to chuckle but she throws me one of her famous Sam glares causing me to slap my hand over my mouth. Even so she saw the smirk that lingered on my lips and gently hit my arm with her spoon getting batter on me as well. My mouth drops open as she starts to giggle. 

"You got something there." I pointed at her cheek. 

Before she was able to even touch the little bit of batter I grabbed her wrist and kissed her cheek, licking the batter as well. As I pulled away I noticed that her face was turning red rather fast as she slapped her hand on her cheek. 

"Wow your face is bright red Sam!" I turned my head to see James. She looked at me then at him before pushing past us and hurrying out the door. "What was that about?" James pouted. 

"I have no idea." I shrugged. "I never do with Sam." 

"She's a very odd girl." James mumbled. 

"Yeah tell me about it." I said poking at one of the pancakes.

"I can tell why you like her so much." He said bluntly causing me to choke on the piece of pancake I had just shoved in my mouth. 

"Say what?!" 

"Oh C'mon Luke it's pretty obvious. At least to me and Ashton, maybe it's because we've known you for so long." He shrugged. 

"I don't know what in the world you're getting at Mcvey." I narrowed my eyes at him and crossed my arms as the front down swung open. I turned my head half expecting it to be Sam coming back for something she may have forgotten but it was Selena.

"Sam's gone." James said.

"Do you know where she went? I really need to get to her fast!" She looked like she had something major to tell Sam, which was kinda unusual. 

"Probably looking for you." I said. "What's wrong Lena?"

"It's about her family....." She muttered a little unsure like. 

"Annie?" James questioned causing confusion to boil inside of me. 

"H-how do you know her mother James?" She asked shocked. 

"Because I grew up with her brother." He smirked. 

"Will somebody please fill me in?!" I groaned as a headache started to form. 

"Half brother actually." Selena smiled proudly. "I know the reason why Sam was adopted, and why her adopted parents sent her here now." 

"Why?" James and I asked why at the same time. 



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