Pass Me By

When her parents decide that it's best to send her over seas to a boarding school, Samantha finds herself drawn to the late night fights. With an ocean between her and her controlling parents she decides to have some fun, even if it causes a few problems. Then again how much trouble can she get in having a male for a roommate? Well soon they become close friends and he introduces her to the boxing world. She starts to enjoy this mistake her parents made, because now she has more friends than ever and she's even learning things about herself that she didn't know before. But the more she digs about her family the more she starts to regret. When one secret pops up that she was never meant to find out will it destroy her?


19. Main Event?!

Sam's POV:

"I want you to be the main event." He repeated. My mouth dropped open as I felt all of the blood rush out of my face. 

"Luke I think you killed her." Wesley joked. 

"Oh my gosh she's so pale!" Selena gasped as she ran to my side.

"See she's not up for it Luke. Just let the real main event do it." Ross bragged. I felt my face warm up with anger as I turned my head towards the male who has the same blood running through him as I do. How can I be related to such a fucking dick head?! 

"No I'll do it Luke." I smirked staring straight at Ross as a frown formed on his lips. He jumped off the couch and stormed out of the house in anger. After an hour or so everyone ended up going home. James ended up leaving with Ashton and Selena for some strange reason. So that ended up leaving Luke and me alone. 

"Are you sure you're okay with this Sammy?" Luke asked looking at me with his worried blue eyes. It's been so long since he's called me Sammy that I felt my stomach twist in knots. I tried to form a smile to reassure him that everything was fine but my chest stung. "You don't have to do it if you don't wanna. I'll just let smart ass Ross do it." He sighed as he looked down at the coffee table in front of him. I don't know what came over me but in that moment I jumped onto the couch tackling him. It took him only a few seconds to wrap his strong arms around me and pull me closer to him. We just laid on the couch wrapped up in each other's arms without saying a word for hours. 


 I sat up staring down at my feet that were crossed in front of me. We spend hours laying down together, the last time we did that was when a girl broke his heart into a billion pieces. I looked up as Luke handed me a cup of hot coco. He didn't or couldn't look at me as he did it either. I felt frustration building up inside me because he was the exact same way last time as well. 

"Luke can I ask you something." I mumbled staring down at my coco. 

"Hm?" He turned his head a bit to look at me from the corner of his eye. 

"Do you remember that night that we had that party after the huge win? And I sprayed the girl who was sucking on your neck with the sink hose?"

"Yeah I remember because I got slapped the next day by the same girl. What about it?" He looked at me curiously.

"Do you remember what happened afterwards?" 

"Hm...I crashed?" He  questioned. 


"Hm?" He looked at me with very curious eyes now. I stood up in front of him and stared deep into his beautiful baby blue eyes. 

"You kissed me." I cuffed my hands around his cheeks and pulled his face closer to mine before kissing his lips like he had done to me that night. 

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