Pass Me By

When her parents decide that it's best to send her over seas to a boarding school, Samantha finds herself drawn to the late night fights. With an ocean between her and her controlling parents she decides to have some fun, even if it causes a few problems. Then again how much trouble can she get in having a male for a roommate? Well soon they become close friends and he introduces her to the boxing world. She starts to enjoy this mistake her parents made, because now she has more friends than ever and she's even learning things about herself that she didn't know before. But the more she digs about her family the more she starts to regret. When one secret pops up that she was never meant to find out will it destroy her?


25. Decisions

Samantha's POV:

I paced the living room back and forth nervously. I couldn't stop thinking about that man, my mother's husband. I never thought about going back home like this, but I really wanted to get to know them. I wanted to know my real family. I fell back onto the floor letting out a loud pitch scream. 

"Geez Sam, you okay?" I looked up to see James only wrapped up in a towel and suds still in his hair. 

"Yeah.." I lied. 

"She's lying." Luke said walking out of his bedroom only in his boxers. My face started to warm up a bit as I started thinking back to the match when he told me he loved me, and he kissed me. I turned my head so I wasn't looking at the half naked boys in front of me. 

"You're thinking about going aren't you?" James frowned. 

"I don't know..." I mumbled. 

"Well if you go I'm going." Luke smirked. 

I looked back up and locked eyes with him. His blue eyes glowed. I was about to say something but the front down slammed open breaking my thoughts. I turned my head to see Wesley and Drew. 

"What's wrong?" I questioned. 

"There's some strange man walking around campus asking about you Sam." Drew said. 

"He was holding a baby photo of you." Wesley smirked. 

I jumped up onto my feet and dashed out of the door. My bare feet met the hot ground as I ran towards the campus. This strange man, is he who I think he is? Just as I was about to enter the campus grounds I felt my body being lifted off the ground and the next thing I knew I was pushed against the brick wall. It was Ross. 

"Get off of me!" I growled. 

"Listen to me you don't want to do this...." He mumbled letting me go. 

"And why not?!" I snapped. 

"Because that man isn't someone who deserves a daughter like you! He tore a family apart!" He shouted. 

"I don't believe you..." I muttered. 

"He got into mother's head, filling her mind with lies about father, and the moment he got into her pants he left her. She was so ashamed when she found out she was pregnant she had you taken away." He mumbled. 

I stared at the ground, at my feet that were starting to blister now. I turned my head to see that man talking to one of the female teachers. I felt sick again. 

"Sam?" I looked up to see Luke walking up with shorts on and a pair of flip flops in his hands of mine. I rushed to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. Tears slipped out of my eyes as he wrapped his arms around my waist. 

"What's wrong?" He asked glaring at Ross. 

"I'm a freaking mistake." I cried. 

"That's not what I was saying at all!" Ross sighed. 

"Ross?" We turned our heads to see that man, my father. 

"What do you want?!" He growled balling up his fists.

"I came to get my daughter." He said coldly. 

"What daughter?" Ross snipped. 

"The one that was taken away from me." 

"She wasn't taken away from you! You tricked my mother, knocked her up and then ran off! You left them, and because of you I never got to know about my sister!" He yelled before he punched the man in the face causing him to fall to the ground holding his face. "You don't deserve her!" 

"That's him." I turned my head to see Harry with one of the campus's security officers. "He's been harassing the females." 

"What?! I have not!" He tried to argue as the officer grabbed him by his arm and pulled him towards the front gate. I looked at Harry to see some sadness lingering in them. A sad pit started to grow inside my stomach. 

"If you go we're gonna lose our good luck charm.." Harry mumbled. "But if you stay you'll never get to know your real family." 

"I think you should go..." I turned to see Drew and Wesley, both of them had sadness written on their faces. 

"But visit us because you're our good luck charm." Louis said walking up behind Harry. 

"You were the glue that brought us all together..." Liam said as he and Niall walked up. 

"Because of you I have new friends." Niall smiled sadly. 

"Because of you I've been able to say no to temptations." Zayn said smiling softly at me. Tears started to fall from my eyes as I started to realize how much these boys mean to me. 

"You're my best friend so I can't let you stay here.." Selena said as tears slipped out of her eyes. 

"Go home and find yourself." Ashton said wrapping his arm around Selena.  

"I think it's time I go back to London..." I muttered. 

"Then I'm going with you." He whispered in my ear. "We're in this together Sam, you and I." 

"I love you Luke." I mumbled against his ear before I kissed his lips softly. 

"I love you too Sam." He smiled as his kissed me again. I looked around at everyone as they smiled through the sadness that was growing inside them, in me. These guys are my family no matter how far away I am, I will never forget how much they mean to me. I will never forget them. 

I refuse to let this Pass Me By.


*3 Months Later, Summer*

Dear Selena, 

I miss you soooooo much! I can't believe it's been three months since I've seen you guys. It feels so much longer really. I can't wait for your party next week, Luke says you can better believe we aren't gonna miss that. Ever since we've got here it's been one adventure after another. My grandfather has a habit of wandering around and getting lost. Ross hates it but I enjoy looking for him because we never find him in the same place. Luke has bounded with my father which is kind of scary. Even though we've been dating for three months now it still feels like we're just best friends. Well except for the kissing and stuff. I heard that James is getting a new roommate next month, I bet it's a girl and she's beyond beautiful. Be nice to her okay? 

I miss you guys bunches. 

Love, Sammy.

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