Out of my Limit

Lucifer Ramones- Also known as the schools bad boy who always seems to get in trouble.
Sophia Ester- A girl who enjoys the little things in life and keeps to herself.
Fate brings the two together.


6. chapter 5


I actually didn't want her to leave, but I had to get her out of the area before my dad gets home. Don't get me wrong i'd love to study her, but she didn't seem too interested in that anyway so maybe we could actually try studying.

The old familiar red pick up truck rolled into the driveway as I stepped into the porch. My father, an older looking man with stubble instead of a beard, stepped out of the car. Half a cigarette was sticking out of his mouth and it was lit up. He walked up to the porch, one foot slopping in front of the other. He has obviously been drinking because he couldn't walk straight.

"Hey, Dad." I said before slipping an arm under his armpit and helping him into the house. "How was your day at work?" I asked kindly.

He just snorted. "Get me a beer." He said, pulling his cigarette out, taking a puff, and then putting it back in.

"I-I don't think that's a good idea, dad." I muttered. His eyes became wild and he stood up, perfectly I might add. He towered over me as he took the cigarette out of his mouth and smashed the lit end onto my arm. It felt deep into my skin and I fell to the ground, clutching my arm.

"Ow!" I whined. A few tears rolled down my cheek.

"I said, get me a damn beer."

"Of course, father." Was all I said before attempting to get up. Of course, he kicked me in the head and I fell back down. I grabbed my head and my arm at the same time.

"Don't you fucking question me again." He added.

"Yes, father." I cried out. I got up again and ran to the kitchen. I can't keep him waiting. Ever.

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