Out of my Limit

Lucifer Ramones- Also known as the schools bad boy who always seems to get in trouble.
Sophia Ester- A girl who enjoys the little things in life and keeps to herself.
Fate brings the two together.


3. chapter 2


Stay cool, stay cool. I think to myself as I stare forward. I lock my eyes with the board so I didn't have to look at him. He was a bully, he was a prep. He didn't have time for wastes in space like me. So it really surprised me when he spoke to me.


It may have just been a simple hey, but it seemed meaningful at the time, considering, no one talked to me.

"Hi." I replied quietly, but audibly.

"Hmm? Little mouse, speak up." The boys in front of him started to snicker.

"Do you really think that's that funny? I mean, that was probably the stupidest insult anyone could have ever come up with." I spat back at him. He seemed to be taken aback for a minute and his friends started to 'Oooo.'

He snorted and flipped his pencil between his fingers.

"Yeah, okay, I get it. I'm not in honors English so I could do much worse. What are you even doing in CP algebra, little mouse?"

I crinkled my nose up. He should really stop calling me little mouse.

"Well, I'm actually not gifted in math so you can just shut up now."

That shut him up for only a second. I should have known Lucifer would pipe up again.

"Okay, little mouse, better hit those books." He chuckled to himself, thinking he won.

"I should say the same to you." I sneered back at him. This time, he kept quiet for good, and class began.

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