Out of my Limit

Lucifer Ramones- Also known as the schools bad boy who always seems to get in trouble.
Sophia Ester- A girl who enjoys the little things in life and keeps to herself.
Fate brings the two together.


2. chapter 1


It's only a matter of time before I break down again. I broke down in the girls restroom of the middle school almost everyday, every year until I got out. I didn't realize how much I hated school until the bullying got worse and worse.

I've been bullied since I was in elementary school. I was bullied mostly because I would sit under a shady tree and read the 'Harry Potter' series. People thought that was weird. I didn't. I even waited outside by my mailbox for my invitation to Hogwarts when I turned the age of acceptance. Of course, it never came, which made me pretty sad.

In middle school I was known as the 'nerdy girl', but that was because I cared about my grades and would sometimes read at lunch. For a while, I sat at the 'reject' table, as the 'populars' called it. I only knew that because their table was close enough to ours so their insults were audible. The worst one of all was Lucifer. Lucifer would always have a smug look on his face, have an arm around some slutty girl, and try his best to be 'badass.' To be the baddest boy in school, you would have to; do drugs on a daily basis and become high, drink as much alcohol until you can't bare it anymore, have a one night stand with girls almost every night, and break hearts faster than a tornado on a highway to nowhere.

I walk through the school hallways, trying to get to my first period class, which happened to be Algebra CP. That was probably the only college prep class I was taking. I was in all honors otherwise, I just didn't have a knack for math. All the numbers get jumbled up in my head and float around, making me dizzy. They were almost like a merry go round that kept spinning, spinning, and spinning.

I passed the unfamiliar faces of the other middle school, and I passed some unwelcoming faces that I recognized from my old school. Nothing seems to change. Not even for a day. You would think they'd change over the summer, but no, no it doesn't.

Finally reaching my math class, I pull open the door and notice I was a little late and the only seat that wasn't taken was in the back.

The teacher looked stern, as I made my way to the back, but he had a kind smile in his eyes. I knew I could get along with this teacher.

What I didn't realize was I was sitting next to the one, the only, Lucifer Ramones.

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