Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


32. Voices

Isabella's POV

When she woke up that morning, she was laying in her bed she then sat up and  said to herself "That's strange, I remember falling asleep on the chair next to Bash's bed". She then got up, two of her ladies helped her get dressed and left her tent, she looked at the camp site that was almost empty and when she saw Dan sleeping next to the door of her tent she shook his shoulder to wake him up and when he did, he got up and she said to him "Why is the herd gone?". Dan then said obviously half asleep "The Viresian only follow the strong" he then yawned and rubbed the tiredness out of his eyes and said sadly "And a dead king is not a good king, I'm sorry my princess" she stared at him in disbelief. The white haired queen started shaking slightly while a few tears streamed down her face, a few moments later she said while her voice started wobbling  "When did he..." she then sat down on the ground and he did the same and he said uneasily "He died in the middle of the night, I am so sorry Isabella" she then started to cry and almost instinctively Dan wrapped his arm around her shoulder in a comforting way, she leaned on his chest and started crying. He hugged her as if to protect her from the rest of the world and she could hear him whisper softly "'s going to be poor sweet princess...shhh".


Valerie's POV

As she, the rest of the ladies and Olivia were in Olivia's room they were talking, eating breakfast and gossiping. Valerie heard a soft voice she ignored it and then a few minutes later she heard it again, she tried to identify the voice, the voice did not belong to any of her friends. As she had not been paying attention to the conversation her friends looked at her and Olivia asked her "Val are you alright?" Valerie snapped out of it smiled and said "I'm fine i was just...". She then heard the voice again and asked the three girls while looking around the room "Did you girls hear that?" the three girls looked at each other and Zoe said to her "Hear what?". 


Elisabeth said while touching her shoulder "Are you alright?" the 16 year old then said while touching Elisabeth's hand that was on her shoulder "I'm not feeling very well that's all, i'll go back to my room" as she was leaving Olivia said to her "I hope you'll feel better" and then before exiting the room Valerie said "Me too". When she got to her room, she locked the door, took a book and started reading on her bed. As she read she thought "I'm probably just tired" a few hours had passed and Valerie was tired of reading so she putted the book in her small library and then went too sit in front of her wooden dressing table and stared at her reflection as she started to comb her long dark brown curly hair.


Olivia's POV

As she was walking in the halls with Elisabeth and Zoe, Julien went next to her and asked her "Might i walk with you ?" Olivia smiled and said "Of course" she then dismissed her ladies and started walking with the prince. As they walked into an empty hall he said to her "I wanted to discuss where we are with each other" she then said with a smile "Alright" they then went to the side and he said "My father and his advisers are very happy that our engagement is intact and with both of our countries that are happy..." she then cutted him off and said "Please stop, i was hoping that we wouldn't talk about politics and since both of our countries are happy, i was hoping that we could just be...".


Julien looked at her with  grin and said continuing her sentence "Just a girl as you called yourself once" she then said "and just a boy or should i say a man" she looked at him from feet to head and said with a smile "Well almost a man". Julien just looked at her from head to toe and said "Well by the looks of you, you are no longer a girl , you are a woman...almost as your birthday is in 5 days" this was true when a girl turned 15 years of age they officially became a woman as that was the age for marriage.


She looked at him seriously and he said "If i was just me Julien, not the future king of anything and if you were just you Olivia. This would be the moment that i declared myself yours and only yours" she then said "And i'm yours truly" he looked at her lips and said "and i'd probably try to kiss you" she backed up gently on the wall and he went in front of her. She smiled and said "and i probably" she thought, looked at his face and said with a smile "I wouldn't let first" Julien smiled and kissed her gently on the lips.

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