Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


26. Visits

Zoe's POV:

That same day, as the people were watching the tournament she had gone to see how Fredrick was. When she got there she went in the room and said to Aylee who was dabbing a wet cloth on Fredrick's forehead  "My self and queen Olivia want to know how he is" Aylee looked at the girl with the long brown hair and said to her "The wound is closing but, the disease in his blood is spreading..." she then said sadly finishing her sentence "He could die, so soon?". Fredrick then said "You're scarring her, Aylee" relieved Zoe said "Fredrick how are you feeling?" he looked at her and said "Close to death apparently which is as bad as it sounds" Aylee then said to him "You need to rest" and he said back to her "What i need is water or blood, which ever you can give me" Aylee then left the room to get some water. When Aylee came back she gave the cup to Zoe who was sat on a chair next to the bed where Fredrick was and she poured the water in his mouth.


Fredrick then said after swallowing the water Zoe had just given him "So will you run back to Olivia with the news like all of the other ladies? or stay here and look at death in the face?" she then said "I nursed two of my siblings into death, it was the plague. I have also lost my parents in a fire a few years before i came here and i am not scarred of death anymore"  Fredrick then held her hand softly and Aylee said to Zoe "I'm sorry but, this isn't helping him rest". The boy with the black hair then said to Aylee "Each time i look at her i feel better and every time i look at you i feel worst" Aylee nodded and left the room. When she was gone he said to Zoe "There is a book about Greek mythology over there, if you wouldn't mind reading it to me... unless you would like to return to the tournament"  she then took the book and said opening it to where the book mark was "Not at all, i will stay as i prefer reading to you then going back there" Fredrick then smiled and she started reading about the goddess Aphrodite.


Olivia's POV:

As she sat down next to her ladies at the tournament that was almost over Elisabeth said to her "Is it done?Are you marrying Ethan?" she looked at her friend and said "The deal is almost sealed but, it's complicated" Valerie then said "Is there anything uncomplicated in Iskira?" they then looked back at the tournaments last round. Ethan then took the winning shot and the people clapped, a servant then brought a flower to Ethan and he walked straight to Olivia. He bowed and said handing her the flower "Will you accept my favor Olivia queen of Saija?" the whole court was now whispering and when she looked at Julien she saw that he looked jealous. Ethan turned around to stare at Julien and said to him "Have i offended your grace?" Julien faked smiled repressing his anger and said back to him "No, not at all" Ethan then handed her the flower and she took it saying formerly "Thank you Ethan, i'm honored" Ethan then smiled and went back to his tent and Julien went to go get the arrows that were on the target.


She then putted the flower on the chair and went to the target were Julien was, when she got there she said to him apologetically "I'm sorry, it was thoughtless of him to offer his favor in front of the entire court" Julien ripped out one of the arrows and said "Oh i don't know, i think it was very well thought out but i don't see the point...he's already won your hand hasn't he?!" she stared right into his dark brown eyes as she said guiltily "The deal is almost sealed" and he said sadly "So you're leaving?" she looked at the ground and she then said "Julien i wanted..." and he said sincerely lifting her chin so that he was staring into her eyes "If you wanted to tell me that you don't want to go, please don't" they both smiled softly and he said "I did everything that i could to help Saija so that you could stay... it was almost enough. If it wasn't for a single spy, that could be someone that is right here with us..." she then said "I'm so sorry..." she was going to put her hand on his cheek and he just held that hand, smiled softly and he then went away. 


Valerie's POV:

As they were talking she saw a man whisper in the king's ear and Elisabeth said "What are they saying?". They then saw guards stand around Simon the Naburcian envoy and Simon then said "Take your hands off me!" king Phillip then got up and said loudly for every one to hear "You're a traitor and a spy! You slipped word to your queen that troops from Iskira were coming to help Saija... you caused a blood bath and almost killed my son!" Simon then said "Nonsense, i am a diplomat and i'm here to help keep the peace" the king then said "Then you failed your mission so your queen won't mind that i send her your head, Take him away!" the guards did as they were told and brought the envoy to the tower. 


Olivia's POV:

Later that day, as she was pacing around the hallway she heard a familiar voice say "Poor Olivia, you feel like the king will never see you and you are a queen" she looked at the voice and saw Diane who came closer to her and Olivia said "I am glad that my unhappiness brings you such pleasure" Diane then said "Your unhappiness gives me no pleasure, it's your absence that will".


She walked slowly closer to Diane and said "Why do you hate me? as i'm going to Marine why not just say it? You were kind to me when i was younger, what has changed?!" the older woman looked at her and said sternly "When i look at you i see death, i see your country hanging around Julien's neck" Diane then started circling Olivia slowly while saying "I see his men off defending your country dying" the blonde haired girl faced Diane and said "If i am such a burden make king Phillip release me... so that i might be Marine's burden instead". Diane sighed and said "I wish i could but Phillip feels that Saija has been stolen from him" Olivia then said "Then how can i make the king change his mind" Diane thought and said "Well there is one small thing...".


Later that same day, she went to the throne room and bowed before the king and queen and said to Phillip "How may i help Iskira, your majesty" he then said "The  Naburcians, we keep them at court to help keep the peace but it appears that they don't want it" queen Diane then said "Their envoy Simon, was over herd talking about the ambush, to condemn a diplomat we need a witness who's word can not be doubted by any nation" she took a pause and said with disgust pointing at the girl in the back "Instead we have her" a girl with a red dress came forward, she had long blond hair and blue eyes by just looking at her Olivia could see that she was in her late thirties .  Olivia just looked at her unknowingly and Julien mouthed to her "She's a prostitute" realizing she said to the king doubtingly "You want me to put my name to her words?!" the king nodded.  Olivia then went to the prostitute and said "What is your name?" the girl then said "Taylor, m'lady"  Olivia then said "And you saw him with your own eyes Taylor" the girl then said "Yeah, and i heard them call him by name too, he had a fine face and pretty clothes and that medallion around his neck with a white lion on it" Olivia thought to herself "It is Simon's crest...". Olivia then said softly so only Taylor could hear "He is a powerful man that can hurt you, but you came forward anyways might i ask why?" Taylor then whispered in Olivia's ear "I wanted not only justice for Iskira but also to see my son and his father the king" Olivia nodded,turned to the king and said "If i put my name to her statement, will you release me from my engagement to Julien?" king Phillip nodded  and he said to the guard "Tell the executioner that the envoy shall be beheaded at the banquet".


No one's POV:

As the  the king was leaving he was being watched by all the court and then out of no where the Prostitute came forward and said "Your Majesty!Your Majesty!" Phillip looked this way and said getting closer to her "You look familiar have i seen you before?" the girl smiled and said "I was the one who gave you Fredrick, m'lord" he then said "Of course, now i remember... your name it's Tasha right?" she then said "Taylor, m'lord" the king then said "Will i have the pleasure of seeing you in my room later tonight Taylor" it wasn't much of a question and she said "Yes, but where is my son?" the king then said "He's resting" and then he left. 

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